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January term (J-term) programs at Augustana

(See this information in a printable PDF or Flipbook.)

Augustana sponsors off-campus programs in January (J-term). Groups of 10-28 students travel with faculty within the United States and to overseas destinations.

The J-term programs are discipline-specific but open to students of all majors. They are designed to explore a new location with a specific focus, a much more intensive focus than tourism typically provides.

All the programs combine academic study with experiential learning to broaden each student’s education.

Some students are required to take a J-term class. This includes:

• All first-year, full-time, degree-seeking students.

• In-season athletes or athletes who are expected by coaches to be practicing on campus.

• Students who live and/or work on campus during January.

A student must have enrolled in fall semester to take J-term. Tuition for J-term is included in fall semester tuition.


All J-term programs require sophomore status and a 2.00 GPA at the time of application and through the semester prior to travel.

Students who initially are accepted with a 2.00 GPA or higher may be removed (at student expense) from a program if their GPAs drops below the 2.00 threshold at any point before departure.

J-term programs require no foreign language background unless offered through the World Languages, Literatures & Cultures department as language immersion courses.

Structure and credits

J-term programs may be structured in several different ways. The most common structures are listed below:

Single course (4 credits)

This course is offered during the January interim period and preceded by a series of predeparture orientation meetings (non-credit) in the fall semester

Two 2-credit courses

One course is offered in the fall and includes predeparture meetings for the travel group, and one course is offered as part of the January interim term.

Spring semester 4-credit course

The course is offered on campus and followed by a 0-credit travel experience in June. This final model does require registration for the 0-credit course, but does not require payment of summer tuition.

All three models typically focus on a single field of study, though in some cases two parallel programs of study will join together in travel and accommodations while offering separate excursions, guest lecturers or assignments for their individual courses.


All applications are completed on Augustana Studio Abroad. The same tool will be used for all required pre-departure documents and orientation materials.

A $300 deposit will be collected during the application process. Additional program payments for January programs are due July 15 and Sept. 15 of the year prior. For programs with June travel, payments will be due Nov. 15 and March 15.

Dates and deadlines

Application period for all 2021 January terms: November 18, 2019-February 28, 2020
Refund guarantee deadline: May 31