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New York Fall Internship Program

Fall 2018

Late applications for this program are being accepted on a first-come, first-enrolled basis until each program is filled to its capacity.

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The fall term internship program in New York is a nine-credit internship program designed to provide students with a unique career opportunity as well as insight into one of the world's great cosmopolitan centers. In partnership with IES Abroad, Augustana has created this program for students from across our campus. 

Program participants will travel to New York in early September for a brief orientation and move-in at their Manhattan apartments. Once settled, students begin full-time internships guided by their major field and individual internship learning goals. 

Particular emphasis of this program is internship placement in the fine and performing arts, including art, art history, creative writing, English (publishing), graphic design, music and theatre.  

Program dates: For exact start and end dates, contact the CORE Coordinator named below. 

Program contacts: Alex Washington (career development) or Allen Bertsche (study away) 

Eligibility: Open to any student with a 2.5 GPA, however selection preference will be given to students majoring in art, art history, creative writing, English, graphic design, music and theatre.  Additionally, as an internship program, this is recommended primarily for students in their junior or senior years. 

Recommended for: This program is open to all majors, but those majors highlighted above will gain particular benefits from enrolling in this program. Students in other fields may wish to consider enrolling in alternative internship programs such as those in Denver, D.C., Australia or New Zealand. 

Anticipated program cap: 15 students

Course information

This program is comprised of a required one-credit seminar (ISS) and eight credits of full-time internship (three within the student's major program and five CORE/Non departmental credits). 

Students should plan their academic coursework for the year to avoid course overloads. If students choose to pursue a study abroad experience that takes them into a credit overload, those will lead to additional overload fees owed to the college and billed during the student's final term of that academic year.


The fee for Fall 2018 is $19,350.

Program fee vs. on campus: We anticipate Fall 2018 on-campus charges to be $17,600, so this program has an added cost of $1,750.   

When the additional expected out-of-pocket expenses for meals and transportation to and from NYC are added, the total difference is estimated to be $3,500-$4,000. Students who use Augie Choice for this program can expect to pay only $1,500-$2,000 more than they would to be on campus for the fall term (depending upon discretionary spending.)

Program fee includes: Tuition, accommodations, city transportation passes and health insurance. 

Program fee does not include: Meals, transportation to and from NYC, or discretionary spending. 

Financial aid

Students participating in this program are eligible for the same grants, scholarships and loan eligibility while abroad as they would be for this trimester on campus.  When billed for the program each student will receive a detailed billing statement which reduces the cost of the program in accordance with the student's anticipated financial assistance.  

Augie Choice: This program is Augie Choice eligible for all students who have completed six terms or 60 credits (junior status) or higher at the time of departure. Transfer students who have also completed three terms or 30 credits at Augustana are also eligible for the Augie Choice grant.