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How to apply for an international or off-campus program

Complete the online application and turn in your deposit to the Business Office by Jan. 15 in order to qualify for placement in a program.

1. Use Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox to go to Augie Plus.

(Do not use Internet Explorer.)

2. Enter your regular Augustana login.

3. Select the program from the Experience option bar.

Be certain you have selected the correct program and the correct year. Dates and costs are tentative. You can get the most current information from the program’s director or the International & Off-Campus Programs Office.

4. Complete the Experience Expenses by calculating out of pocket expenses.

Some programs include flights, all meals, etc. If your program does not, you will want to estimate the costs you have, anything you will pay yourself and not to Augustana. The Experience Fee which you will see already entered for the program reflects the announced price of the program minus the anticipated cost of tuition. For this reason, in most cases it will not match the announced program fee exactly.

5. Complete the Budget Narrative and Personal Statements.

The Budget Narrative is a short clarification of the expense items you listed. The Personal Statement should identify why you are choosing the program you have chosen. This will be used if you are applying for Augie Choice.

6. Submit the application by Jan. 15, 2018.

Once you have completed the application, be certain to click on the submit application button. If you have indicated that you wish to use Augie Choice funds, an Augie Choice application will appear now. You can complete the Augie Choice application now or return to it later.

7. Turn in the $300 program deposit to the Business Office by Jan. 15.

Your deposit should be either an online payment or a check, made out to “Augustana College” and with the name of the program written on the memo line of the check. Only students who have completed an online application and who have turned in a deposit will be eligible for program selection.

8. If you are applying to multiple programs and plan to attend both/all of them:

You will need to repeat all the steps above, including a deposit check for each program you plan to attend.

9. If you are applying to multiple programs to have backups, but plan to attend only one:

You will need to complete an online application for each program, with expense breakdowns and narratives for each. You will deposit only one check with the Business Office. Please write “Study Abroad” in the memo line. You must also send an email with your ranking (first choice, second choice, etc.) to International & Off-Campus Programs by the application deadline. The IOP office will use this ranking to put you in the best placement possible based on Augustana policy for program selection.

Selection for off-campus programs

All students who apply for off-campus programs must be approved by the Dean of Students. After the January application deadline and subsequent approval by the Dean of Students, programs with more applicants than slots will use a selection process which pools students based on academic standing (GPA combined with academic year). When a program’s roster has been finalized, students will receive an email announcing their acceptance. Students applying to multiple programs but planning to attend only one will be sent their program placement.