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African exchange program in Botswana

Late applications for this program are being accepted on a first-come, first-enrolled basis until each program is filled to its capacity.

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Through a year-long or semester-length exchange program, Augustana students can study at the University of Botswana, in Gaborone, the nation's capital. This program is open to any major, and highly recommended for students in Africana Studies.

All coursework, except language study, is conducted in English. Students who opt for a one-semester program will be off campus for an entire term as well as half of Augustana's winter trimester. Students may elect to take courses at Augustana for the second half of the winter term.

Eligibility: This program is open to all students in their sophomore year or later with a GPA of 2.5. Students should consult with their academic advisors before application to ensure that the program will fit with their other academic goals.

Anticipated program cap: Four students per year

Academics: The expansive catalog of the University of Botswana is accessible through the exchange. However, not all programs will provide coursework for exchange students due to expectations for prerequisites.

Students must work with the International Office of the University of Botswana, as well as with appropriate Augustana academic departments, to pre-approve appropriate courses. It is up to each Augustana department to determine course equivalency and to accept transfer courses.

Learning perspectives will be granted based upon the Augustana course equivalencies.

Course transfer alert: Students on this, or any exchange, must receive a grade of C or higher in all coursework in order for exchange courses to be accepted as Augustana credit.

Calendar: The University of Botswana operates on a semester system, so Augustana students should expect to be in Botswana for the equivalent of either

1. All of fall term and the December portion of winter term or
2. The January-February portion of winter term and all of spring term

The University of Botswana's semesters run from early August through mid-December and from mid-January through May. Students who participate in the semester program should expect to take 12-15 credits during the program and to enroll in 3-6 credits of coursework in either the December or January/February five-week module format at Augustana. This will allow participants to complete credits equivalent to two trimesters at Augustana (a total of six courses or 18 credits.)


Students will pay standard Augustana tuition, room, board and fees for the time they are in Botswana. The cost is therefore equivalent to tuition, room and board on campus for the same amount of time (1.5 trimesters).

Cost includes: The payments to Augustana cover the cost of tuition, housing on campus in Botswana and a food stipend provided to all international students at the university in Botswana. International health insurance for injuries or new illnesses is also provided.

This does not include coverage for preexisting health conditions or ongoing treatment. It is recommended that students consult with their families about coverage for preexisting conditions through private insurance.

Cost does not include: Airfare, ground transportation or discretionary spending while in Botswana. Cost also does not include room and board charges for the half of winter term when a participating student will be at Augustana.

Financial aid

All financial aid is transferable as if the student were attending Augustana in Rock Island. Additionally, this program is Augie Choice and IOP Grant eligible for students who qualify. The $1,000 IOP Grant is competitive and limited in number.

Augie Choice: This program is Augie Choice eligible for any student who has completed either 60 credits or six trimesters at Augustana College prior to departure. Transfer students are eligible after completion of 30 credits or three trimesters at Augustana.

For more information on any exchange programs, contact Dr. Allen Bertsche, International and Off-Campus Programs.