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Entrepreneurship support, grants and experiences

Augustana offers a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies, awards grants for student ventures through the Creative Enterprise Fund, and provides real-world opportunity at its Entrepreneurial Center.

Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies is available to students of all majors upon completion of four required courses and a related experiential learning experience. Developed by the business and accounting departments, the program is designed to give non-business students the opportunity to pursue their dreams of starting their own business. 

The required course work is followed by an experiential component, which may be an internship or another project that helps students apply what they have learned in their courses to a professional setting. The program also includes academic fellows, who are faculty members from various departments who act as resources for students during the experiential phase of the program.

Creative Enterprise Fund 

The Augustana Creative Enterprise Fund provides students with funds to help start a business or social entreprenuership startup. Grants range from $1,500 to $5,000. Four to six grants will be awarded each academic year. The program is open to students of all majors prior to their senior year.

The funds help students develop their business or organization plan and strategy, identify other appropriate funding streams to make the enterprise sustainable if applicable, launch the effort and validate their product or service.

Entrepreneurial Center (EDGE)

The Entrepreneurial Center provides students with experiential opportunities in strategic marketing, advertising, graphic design, event planning, web site design, programming and other creative tasks. The center works on projects for nonprofits and small businesses throughout the Quad Cities and beyind. It includes:

The Augustana Web Guild, a student group that functions as its own web development business with more than 190 clients on annual contracts and ongoing design and development projects.

ADs, a student group that competes in the annual National Student Advertising Competition.

advantEDGE Design, a group of designers who work on a number of projects, including book layouts, the campus directory, letterheads, logos, handouts, flyers, DVD/CD covers, and business cards.

Video editing, which includes the Black Squirrel Productions student group. These students produce videos, along with various video projects done for area businesses and nonprofits.

EDGE Event Planning includes two sets of planners: one that helps to run the college's three Symposium Days, and one that assists in running an international conference of family therapists.

The EDGE Center is open to all students of all majors, no matter what their experience level. Students who work in EDGE have the chance to learn a spectrum of software programs that include Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe suite, InDesign, Dream Weaver, HTML, Java, PhP, responsive web design, FinalCut Pro, Rasberry Pi, Adobe Premier, Powerpoint, Flash, and AcrobatPro.