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Experiences at EDGE

The Student EDGE 

Students who intern in the EDGE Center get the chance to build a tremendous amount of professional experience. Almost every student who comes through leaves with at least a basic knowledge of web design and development and a firm grasp of Photoshop skills. Many students gain extensive experience in front end website development through working on new projects and helping to maintain websites for the more than 180 clients on annual contract with the Web Guild. Our goal is to turn as many students as possible into 'dual threats' – employees who can work on both the design and coding aspects of web development.

This is just the beginning. Since we work directly with clients, students also gain experience in client communication and project management. They learn how to run business meetings by meeting face-to-face with clients to discuss projects and are responsible for maintaining communication with the client throughout the project. There also are many opportunities for students to expand their skillset, as they can take on a variety of projects. Students can leave with experience in a number of areas, including:

  • Website design
  • Front-end website coding
  • Back-end web development (such as database and server interactions, API integrations, and online registration systems)
  • Graphic Design
  • Client communications
  • Project management
  • Advertising
  • Video editing
  • Event planning
  • Social media marketing
  • Sales

One of our major focuses is on helping students to build their portfolios. Having a portfolio to showcase work is all but a requirement for graphic designers, and it can help to set applicants apart in any field. The projects in the EDGE Center naturally lend themselves to developing portfolios, and the Center's director is always happy to work with students to help them as they develop their portfolio pieces.

Entrepreneurial Experiences 

Augustana Creative Enterprise Fund (ACEF) 

Provides grant funding for students who are interested in exploring entrepreneurship. The grant supports a wide range of opportunities that include, but are not limited to, business and social entrepreneurship, education ventures, and sustainable community development programs domestically and in developing countries. Students who can effectively link the fine and performing arts or music education to the proposed venture are particularly encouraged to apply.

More information about ACEF

Augustana Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies 

Available to students of all majors upon completion of four required courses and a related learning experience. The learning experience is done through the EDGE Center and can either be an experiential component or an entrepreneurial internship.

More information about Entrepreneurial Studies