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UMC students

The CORE Commitment

Our commitment to students’ career success begins with the foundation of an Augustana liberal arts education.

Our commitment continues through extraordinary learning experiences and each student’s network of mentors and advisors — from professors to professional career coaches in CORE.

And it shows in the stats and stories of alumni success.

CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research, Exploration) is a career center like no other.

At CORE, you will:

• Work side-by-side with professional career coaches to find and use your best academic and co-curricular experiences to prepare for your future success.

• Customize your network of mentors, resources and experiences — including career and vocation, graduate school, internships, study abroad, research, entrepreneurship and community outreach.

• Apply your Augie Choice and other funding opportunities to your high-impact learning experiences. Augie Choice provides every student $2,000 to pursue study abroad, an internship or research with a professor.

“Career coaching—along with connecting students with internships, research, study abroad and career-building volunteer experiences—is crucial to skill development. CORE then helps students articulate their skills and experiences when interviewing for internships, careers and graduate school. CORE hosts these resources all in one place, and coaches students through it all. This is unique to colleges and universities.”

—Laura Kestner-Ricketts, Executive Director of Career and Professional Development, CORE