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Augie Choice Policy

Mission: Augustana College, rooted in the liberal arts and sciences and a Lutheran expression of the Christian faith, is committed to offering a challenging education that develops qualities of mind, spirit, and body necessary for a rewarding life of leadership and service in diverse and changing world.

Purpose: Augie Choice is designed to support students' high-impact, peak experiences that foster learning and growth through international study, internships, and research. All Augie Choice experiences involve inquiry, engagement, and reflection.

Function: Augie Choice is a program that provides students up to $2,000 to defray non-tuition costs of international study, internships, and research.

Eligibility: Registered Augustana students who enrolled Fall 2008 or later as first-year students are eligible to apply for Augie Choice funding. These students may apply for funding for international study, internships, or research experiences taking place in their junior or senior year. Transfer students are eligible after one year of enrollment. All students utilizing this program must have completed 60 credits or more by the time the Augie Choice experience begins. Sophomores (28 credits) may apply for Augie Choice funding before they have reached junior status to participate in international study experiences that are offered once in a three-year cycle (i. e "the Big Three" programs). Sophomores who are members of groups (i. e. athletic teams, musical groups, etc.) that are engaging in unique international study experiences may apply for Augie Choice funding. Seniors may apply for Augie Choice funding as long as the Augie Choice experience is concluded by June 30 of the student's graduation year. Students who have graduated are no longer eligible for Augie Choice.

Fund Allocation: Augie Choice funds will be approved for each student one time. If an application is denied, a student may reapply. Furthermore, once the application is approved and all approved funding for the experience is allocated, a student may not apply for further Augie Choice funding. Augie Choice applications must be submitted no later than three weeks before the experience. Augie Choice funds must be approved by the Augie Choice director at least fifteen days before the beginning of the academic term of the experience. This allows time for adjustments to financial aid packages to be implemented. Checks will be distributed approximately 30 days prior to the beginning of an Augie Choice experience. Receipts will be submitted to the Augie Choice Director for all purchases over $50.00.

Budget: Each application includes a budget proposal for Augie Choice funding. These budgets must be approved by the Office of International Programs, Office of Internship Services, or faculty research supervisor before being submitted to the Augie Choice Director. Amendments to approved budgets will not be accepted.

Examples of expenses covered by Augie Choice include, but are not limited to:

  • International Study: travel (airfare, public transportation, rental car) meals, travel documents, immunizations, program fees from sponsoring institutions (non-tuition)
  • Internships: living expenses (food, housing, transportation), research expenses for Academic Internship, stipend
  • Research: direct expenses related to project (specialized books*, specialized equipment*, incentives for surveys, travel, consultant fees**), research presentation expenses (transportation, food, housing, registration fees, presentation materials)

*Books and equipment purchased will be property of Augustana College.
**Consultants must be approved by the faculty supervisor prior to participation.

Approved Experiences: International study, internships, and research are eligible experiences for Augie Choice application. All experiences require a final reflection component. Credits received for Augie Choice experiences will be given when this requirement is completed. Prior to application for Augie Choice funding, student applications for these experiences must be approved by the Office of International Programs, Office of Internship Services, or faculty research supervisor. All students will register the Augie Choice experience with the Registrar's Office.

Financial Aid and Income Tax: Augie Choice funds may have tax consequences. Students are advised to seek tax advice on this matter. In addition, Augie Choice funds may affect eligibility for Federal Work Study and/or Federal Student and/or Parent Loans. Again, students are advised to seek advice on this matter.

Service-Learning Courses: Funds will also be allocated to support courses designated as Service-Learning (SL) courses, which require additional resources, i.e. supervision, travel, and research. Faculty teaching Service-Learning courses are eligible for limited Augie Choice funds as long as the course is officially designated as Service-Learning (SL) by Augustana's Registrar. Applications for funding for Service-Learning courses must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the term the course is offered. Faculty will be notified of the status of the application no later than 14 days prior the term of the course. If approved, the funding will be allocated through normal Business Office procedures.

Approved 10/2009; posted 04/14/2011