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Augustana Center for Creativity

jazz event
Th3 center was a sponsor of The Shockingly Modern Saxophone Festival Sept. 14-15, 2018. It included masterclasses, workshops, discussions and recitals.
Students using the center's Catalyst Lab in Bergendoff Hall, a space to promote thinking, dreaming, doing, discussing and imagining.

The Center for Creativity inspires various forms of thinking, reacting and working in imaginative ways. It promotes creative exchanges between departments and disciplines

The role of the center is to instill creative and innovative problem-solving capacities in students by connecting them with the character, skills, and values that will help sustain life-long engagement.

The C4C, as it's called, sponsors creative events like concerts, exhibits, discussion, presentations and performances. This gives the Augustana community a chance to see the creative taking place on campus. It partners with other centers and departments in these efforts.

Its first space is the CATalyst Lab (CatLab for short) in Bergendoff 103. The CatLab is  a place for making and doing. It’s a  place for students and faculty to think, reflect, and discuss, to find community, collaboration, and encouragement, and to experiment, try, fail, and try again. 

Center for Creativity goals

• Expand the culture and practice of creativity on campus

• Bring together the creative expertise of faculty, staff and students in various disciplines to spark creativity development in all students

• Support faculty to develop teaching and courses that foster the creative process

• Strengthen connections between departments and programs already engaged in the creative process

• Foster new partnerships between traditionally creative programs and other areas of study and research

• Create initiatives that teach creativity and inspire the application of creative concepts to theoretical and real-world problems

• Combine the creative with the analytical approaches to advance three student learning outcomes (critical thinking, collaborative leadership, and creative thinking)

• Facilitate creative capacities in students as they research, formulate, and develop projects for academic and co-and extra-curricular programs


Capitalizing on the strengths of some of the college’s existing programs, the C4C will work with the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art, the Center for Faculty Enrichment and CORE. Going forward, local and regional partners will be added.

The Augustana Teaching Museum of Art serves the college and community through art collection, preservation and exhibition. It provides a valuable component to a liberal arts education through study, teaching and research using original art. Students and faculty using the C4C are encouraged to see what the Teaching Museum of Art can offer in strengthening the scope of their ideation process and product.

The Center for Faculty Enrichment (CFE) supports the professional development of Augustana faculty of all types, ranks and career stages. The CFE provides faculty members with instruction and group discussions on creativity in the classroom.

CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research, Exploration) offers student-centered learning experiences that help students discover their purpose and passions, and connect them to their career aspirations. . The C4C affiliation with CORE draws on the specialized expertise of its staff to provide the individualized attention and assistance that ensure students’ success in college and beyond.

Augustana 2020 and the Student Learning Outcomes

The Center for Creativity supports the strategic goals of Augustana 2020 — especially Strategic Direction II, Integrated Learning Experiences, which seeks to create new advantages for students by integrating academic and co-curricular activity that focuses on the college’s defined student learning outcomes.

In support of Strategic Direction I Enhanced Preparation for Success, the Center for Creativity provides students with tools and resources to connect their undergraduate experience to their immediate goals after graduation, changing goals throughout their lives, and service dedicated to creating positive change in the world.

The Center for Creativity also supports several of the college’s nine student learning outcomes approved by the faculty in November 2012 — especially the outcomes related to communication, collaborative leadership, creative thinking, ethical citizenship and intellectual curiosity.