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Medieval and Renaissance Studies

2013-14 FINALIZED 2-3-14 

Coordinator: THOMAS F. MAYER, Professor (History)
B.A., M.A., Michigan State; Ph.D., Minnesota 

MINOR IN MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE STUDIES.21 credits, including ARHI-166 and HIST-110 or HIST-111, one Literature course from the list below, the Senior Project (450), plus 6 credits from courses listed below. No more than 6 credits may be taken from one suffix. At least 6 credits must be above 300. Specially designed sequence courses and courses approved by the Medieval and Renaissance Studies coordinator will also apply. First-year Latin is highly recommended.


Courses (MDHI)

Additional Courses:

ARHI-166 (PP, G) Western Art: Medieval-Renaissance
ARHI-362 (PP, G) Medieval Art 
ARHI-363 (PP, G) Italian Renaissance
ARHI-364 (PP, G) Northern Renaissance Art 
ENGL-271 (PL) English Literature to 1660
ENGL-350 Medieval Genre and Society
ENGL-351 The English Literary Renaissance
ENGL-352 (PH) Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories
ENGL-353 (PH) Shakespeare: Tragedies and Later Plays
ENGL-441-442 Senior Inquiry*
FREN-340 Medieval French Literature
FREN-341 The French Renaissance
GRMN-401 (PL) Literature and Culture: The Middle Ages and the Rennaissance
HIST-110 (PP) Europe: 200-1300
HIST-111 (PP) Europe: 1300-1700
HIST-310 The Crucible of Europe, 1000-1300
HIST-311 Renaissance and Reformation in Italy
HIST-312 Renaissance and Reformation in Northern Europe
MUSC-312 (PP) Music Styles and Literature I
RELG-335 (PP) Luther: Life, Thought and Legacy
SPAN-330 (PL) Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature I
World Literature (PL possible)

* Various Topics