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Women's and Gender Studies


finalized January 2015


UMME AL-WAZEDI, Associate Professor, (English)
B.A., M.A., Rajshahi University; M.A., Eastern Illinois, Ph.D., Purdue

JENNIFER POPPLE, Assistant Professor (Theatre and Women's and Gender Studies)
B.A., Drake University; M.Ed., University of Utah; Ph.D., University of Colorado 

Major in Women's and Gender Studies

30 credits total from women's and gender (WGST) studies, core and complementary courses, with at least 18 credits from WGST (including 201, 230, 304 and 420) and up to 3 credits from complementary courses. No more than 6 credits can be taken with the same departmental code with the exception of WGST.

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies.

18 credits total with 9 credits from WGST courses (3 credits must be 200-level) and 9 credits from WGST, core or complementary courses (up to 3 credits complementary). No more than 6 credits can be taken with the same departmental course code with the exception of WGST. 

Courses (WGST)

Core Courses

Anthropology 352 (PS,G) Peoples and Culture of Africa (3)
Classics 230 (PP,D) Women in Classical Antiquity (3)
English 239 (PL) Women in Literature
English 315 Literature for Learning Communities: Women Writers at Work (3)
English 337
Women Writers and Feminist Theory (3)
History 147 (PP, G) History of African Women
History 341 (PP) Women in Europe Since 1800 (3)
History 342 (PP,D) Women in the U.S., 1800-Present (3)
Political Science 355 (PS,D) Women and Politics (3)
Religion  323 (PH) Sexual Ethics (3)
Religion 392 Women in Religion (3)
Sociology 200 (PS,D) Marriage and the Family (3)
Sociology 305 (D) Social Gerontology (3)
Sociology 308 Sociology of the Body (3)
Sociology 320 (PS,D) Women and Men in Society (3)

Complementary Courses

Biology 310 Evolutionary Biology
English 332 (PL) Adolescent Literature
English 356 The Developing English Novel
Psychology 332 Individual Differences (3)
Social Welfare 220
(PP,D) History and Philosophy of Social Welfare (3)
Speech Communication 210
(PS,D) Communication and Social Relationships (3)
Speech Communication 212 (PS) Advertising Influence (3)
World Literature 326* Topics in French Literature (3)

*Students should consult annually with their WGST advisors regarding when sections of these courses are applicable to the minor.


Courses (WGST)