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Asian Studies


finalized March 2016

MARSHA SMITH, Professor (Sociology, Anthropology and Social Welfare), Coordinator
B.A., Baldwin-Wallace; M.S., Ph. D., Purdue

LINA ZHOU, Associate Professor (Business), Coordinator
B.E., M.A., Central South University, China; M.A., Ph.D., Mississippi; C.F.A.

MAJOR IN ASIAN STUDIES. 34 credits, including ASIA-200, ASIA-449 and ASIA-450, 12 credits in Chinese or Japanese language, 12 credits at the 300 level or higher: one in History, one in Religion, one in Art History or World Literature, and one in Economics or Political Science. The remaining credits, which may include further language study, are selected from the additional courses listed below.

MINOR IN ASIAN STUDIES. 24 credits, consisting of ASIA-200, ASIA-449 and ASIA-450, and courses chosen from at least four disciplines among the additional courses listed below. At least 12 credits must be 300-level or above. A maximum of 9 credits may be from Chinese or Japanese language.

Additional Courses

Additional Courses

ART-109 Studio Art of East Asia
ART-300 Introductory Drawing in China (Asia term only)
ARHI-162 (PA,G) Non-Western Art in Perspective (when applicable)
ARHI-372 (PP,G) East Asian Art
ARHI-373 (PP,G) Japanese Art
ASIA-305 (PH,G) Traditional Chinese Medicine
CHNS-101, CHNS-102, CHNS-103 First-Year Chinese
CHNS-106 Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy
CHNS-201-202-203 Second-Year Chinese
CHNS-205/305 (PH,G) Chinese Culture
CHNS_301-302-303 Third-Year Chinese
CHNS-300 (PA) Chinese Literati Art
CHNS-401, CHNS-402, CHNS-403 Current Chinese
ECON-364 (PH, Q) East Asian Markets (Asian Term only)
ECON-365 (PH, Q) Chinese Economy (Asian Term only)
GEOL-106 Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Eruptions in Asia (Asian Term only) 
HIST-150 (PP,G) Traditional East Asia: China and Japan
HIST-151 (PP,G) Modern East Asia: China and Japan
HIST-350 (PP,G) China: The Last Dynasty
HIST-351 (PP,G) China: The Twentieth Century
HIST-353 (PP,G) Governance in China
HIST-354 (PP) Modern Japan
HIST-480 Seminar in Asian History (when applicable)
JPN-101, JPN-102, JPN-103 First-Year Japanese
JPN-201, JPN-202, JPN-203 Second-Year Japanese
JPN-290 Second level Japanese in Kobe
JPN-301, JPN-302 Third-Year Japanese
JPN-390 Third level Japanese in Kobe
JPN-490 Fourth level Japanese in Kobe
POLS-318 China in World Affairs
RELG-362 (PP,G) Religion and Philosophy of India
RELG-365 (PL,G) Religions of East Asia
RELG-366 (PH,G) Buddhism
RELG-392b Women in Asian Religions (3 credits)
RELG-394b Key Issues in Comparative Religion: Studying Asian Religions
RELG-410 Special Topics in Religion (when applicable)
WLIT-350 (PL,G) Japanese Masterpieces in Translation

Additional courses taken on the East Asia, South Asia or Southeast Asia terms or those taken as part of the Lingnan University program that have been pre-approved by the Asian Studies coordinator may apply to the major or minor.

Courses (ASIA)