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Students with Disabilities


Augustana College is committed to ensuring that educational programs are accessible to all qualified students in accordance with state and federal laws.

Yen Dao, disability services coordinator, oversees all academic accommodations. The Dean of Students, Dr. Evelyn Campbell, oversees all other accommodations.

Students who require accommodations are encouraged to contact one of these staff members. Accommodations are determined on a case by case basis. Documentation from the appropriate licensed professional, as well as the high school IEP or 504 Plan, when applicable, generally is required.

The Dean of Students chairs the Accommodations Committee for Students with Special Needs which makes recommendations when the disability services coordinator or dean of students is not able to meet a student's request.

A brochure, "Augustana College Building Access," is available in the Dean of Students Office, the residence halls and the College Center. It identifies the buildings with strobe light fire alarms, handicapped entrances and restrooms, Braille signage and fire refuges.

Students needing additional accommodations should confer with Dr. Campbell regarding any special needs or accommodations and emergency evacuation procedures. Individuals who require special building accommodations may call 309-794-7279.

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