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Academic Advising

2013-14 FINALIZED 2-3-14 

The Director of First-Year Advising assigns faculty and peer mentors to assist first-year students in arranging their class schedules and to advise them throughout the year with academic and other questions and issues.

Students are invited to meet with their advisors at specific times each term, in groups or individually, to discuss academic matters. When a student declares a major (usually as early as spring term of the first year), an advisor is assigned from the appropriate department.

Each student also has access to specialized advice from the international study advisor on study abroad; from the financial officer on scholarships, grants, loans and campus jobs; from the Director of Career Development and staff in the Center for Vocational Reflection on career choices and future employment; from the Registrar on credits, graduation require­ments and permanent records; and from the Office of Academic Affairs on academic policies in general.

The student may obtain counseling on a wide range of needs and problems from the Dean or Associate Dean of Students, the campus chaplains and the Student Counseling Service. International students obtain guidance and assistance from the Coordinator of International Student Services. Students uncertain about where to turn for help can obtain referral to the appropriate coun­se­lor or office from the Dean or Associate Dean of Students.

Note: The audit and reviews are provided only as planning aids. It is the student's responsibility to report any printed error to the Office of the Registrar. The responsibility to understand and meet degree requirements rests entirely with the student.