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International Study

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Augustana College offers an array of study-abroad opportunities to complement a student's academic program. These experiences are designed to be a part of a general liberal arts education and are not limited to regional language or cultural specialists. Programs range from two to ten weeks in length in many different locations around the globe. International and Off-Campus Programs (IOP) provides support and information about Augustana and non-Augustana study-abroad programs. Students should check with the financial assistance office regarding eligibility for financial assistance for international study programs approved by Augustana. 

Contact International and Off-Campus Programs or go to for more detailed information on any of the international study programs.

Academic Spring or Fall Term Programs

Augustana offers several term-long (10- to 12-week) programs in which students earn 10 credits, with an option to earn 13, in courses taught by Augustana faculty members who travel with the groups, or by instructors from the host country. In addition to regularly scheduled classes, numerous opportunities are arranged for on-site cultural study through visits to points of interest. Program locations are announced in the fall of the year prior to departure. 

Summer Internship Program

Augustana in London Internship. Spring term internship seminar at Augustana followed by a six week part-time internship/culture class, and international class in London. Partnership with Centers for Academic Abroad, London.

Fall Internship Program

Augustana in Denver Internship Program. Full-time professional internship in Denver, CO. Partnership with Wartburg College in Waverly, IA.

Augustana in Washington DC Internship Program.  Full-time professional internship in Washington DC plus one academic class. Fall term plus first five weeks of winter term. Partnership with Washington Intern Institute, Washington DC.

Winter Term Programs 

Augustana's split winter term allows students to enroll in a program that includes five weeks of coursework on campus followed by a five-to-seven-week international program.Students earn between 10 and 13 credits in courses taught buy Augustana faculty both on campus and abroad. Coursework from the first five weeks continues abroad, with many opportunities for on-site cultural study through visits to points of interest.

Short-term Programs

Short-term programs range from one to three weeks in length and can occur during a regular term, during break or in the summer following graduation. Typically these programs include on-campus coursework followed by a travel component of 2-4 weeks. Students receive final grades for the course upon completion of both the on-campus and travel components.

Summer Language Programs

France. Augustana conducts a six-week summer program in Dijon, France. The program includes intensive study of the French language, literature and civilization at the Université de Bourgogne. Students may earn credit in intermediate or advanced French. Students applying to the program must have completed one year of college French or the equivalent. The program is offered biennially or in response to student interest.

Germany. The Eichstätt Summer Program gives students the opportunity to study in Germany for four weeks during the summer break, from mid-July to mid-August. The program at the Catholic University in Eichstätt offers different levels of German depending on skill levels. Summer school participants are enrolled in courses with students from all over the world. Students take two courses and receive 6 credits. 

Ecuador. Augustana and the Centro de Estudios Interamericanos offer an annual summer-long Spanish program in Cuenca, Ecuador. Students receive 3 to 9 Augustana credits of Spanish in either a 5-week or 10-week program. The 10-week program provides formal language instruction at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels; experience in the culture of Latin America; and the opportunity to live with and learn from Ecuadorian families. The 5-week program offers the same opportunities for students at the advanced level only. Planned field trips include visits to sites of geographical and cultural interest. 

Additional summer programs may also be offered. These may contain a language study component or may focus upon other areas of the curriculum. As with all programs, information may be obtained from the Office of International & Off-Campus Programs or at

International Exchange Programs

Augustana College has official international exchange programs with the University of Botswana; the University of Regensburg, the Catholic University in Eichstätt, Passau University in Germany; Kobe City University of Foreign Studies in Kobe, Japan; Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden; and Lingnan University in Hong Kong. 

Other International Programs

Opportunities for non-Augustana international programs are also available through the office of International and Off-Campus Programs.

Note: Participation in international study programs is on a select basis, and is available to a limited number of students. By nature these programs allow students a large degree of independence with less supervision than on campus. The college may therefore deny participation to students with a history of disciplinary issues or needs that cannot be adequately accommodated abroad.