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Entertainment and Media

An experiential minor for students in any major

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By offering an experiential minor in Entertainment and Media , Augustana is responding to the needs of one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy. The industry is undergoing widespread change due to emerging technologies and unconventional producers, and rising expectations of universal mobile access to media. By 2019, U.S. entertainment and media is predicted to reach $771 billion, about a third of the global industry.

The goal of the experiential minor is to prepare students with the creative, technical and business proficiency needed for leadership roles within the media and entertainment industry, while introducing them to the ethical obligations those roles carry.  

Careers and internships

Students completing the entertainment and media  (ENTM) experiential minor as part of their studies might work at a Hollywood Studio like Disney or Dreamworks, at smaller companies that work within the industry, or within advertising agencies or corporate communications departments. Entry-level jobs include post-production runner, production assistant, TV affiliate accounting, marketing coordinator, animator, IT engineer and many others across creative, technical and business sides of the industry.

At Augustana, students can gain hands-on experience for any of these careers through internships with a working film studio on campus, Fresh Films (see Distinctions).


Students in the entertainment and media  (ENTM) experiential minor gain experience and build their résumés by working with Fresh Films, a film studio on campus that produces Emmy-nominated TV shows, theatrical films and documentaries, often featuring well-known actors. Fresh Films was founded by director Estlin Feigley ’93 and producer Kelli Feigley, who also act as advisors for the ENTM minor. Since moving onto Augustana’s campus in 2016, Fresh Films has offered Augustana students year-round internships opportunities working on productions, from screenwriting to marketing.

Combined with coursework, this experience prepares students for careers in media and entertainment; working on a Fresh Films production also allows students to stand out during internship and job interviews.  

Augustana’s newly remodeled Brunner Theatre Center is another excellent resource for students interested in the stage-to-screen aspects of acting, directing or theatre production.

The ENTM experiential minor is open to students in any major, from accounting to creative writing, from multimedia journalism to pre-law.

The rapidly evolving entertainment landscape of new technologies requires thoughtful problem-solvers, creative thinkers and strong leaders — a combination found in Augustana’s liberal arts graduates. 

What alumni say

Tori Charnetzki ’18, multimedia journalism and mass communication, political science, theatre arts

“I interned with Fresh Films as an associate producer in five cities in 2016. My responsibilities included production and teen mentorship on the film sets in each city. Working with teens was one of my favorite parts. I also especially liked production because of the problem-solving. I like being with creative people, groups of people working together to make something happen.”

Sarah Fischer ’18, business administration–finance, psychology, economics

“I was a marketing/event management intern, and worked with teachers and schools to award technology grants and arrange for in-school assemblies. I worked with schools in New York City and throughout the northeast, creating event schedules and coordinating with schools and staff. As a finance and psychology double major with a minor in economics, I greatly appreciated interning with Fresh Films. This experience allowed me to practice the necessary skills of communication, organization, event planning and logistics while being in a friendly environment.”

Sam Dunklau ’17, multimedia journalism and mass communication/creative writing; pursuing a master’s in public affairs reporting at the University of Illinois Springfield

“My internship with Fresh Films was intensive, engaging and educational. My work involved quick learning, a keen attention to detail, learning the art of negotiation and sales pitching, critical thinking, and in-depth research…. I never knew how much behind-the-scenes work it can take to keep things on a Hollywood-style set running smoothly!”

Tawanda Mberikwazvo ’17, communication studies/multimedia journalism and mass communication; film editor for Fresh Films/Dreaming Tree Productions

“My peak experience was in the summer of 2016 when I interned with Augustana’s Fresh Films and traveled to different cities throughout the U.S., and also my other internship with WMWC-TV in Galesburg, Ill. My two internships equipped me with exceptional hands-on experience in multimedia, TV broadcasting and engineering.”

Ashley Mancera at the Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing

Vikinternships: Summer Internships at Augustana

Part one of a series about Augustana student summer internships: Ashley, Eden and Kyle apply their talents to the work of three amazing resources based on campus.

Photo credit: Dr. Mike Wolf

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