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Augustana Center for Faculty Enrichment (CFE)

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The Augustana Center for Faculty Enrichment (CFE) supports the professional development of Augustana faculty of all types, ranks and career stages. The Center strives to:

  • Provide a place to locate and explore professional development resources
  • Provide campus programming that serves faculty needs and inspires professional innovation
  • Provide coordination and promotion of faculty development opportunities offered by other campus departments and programs
  • Provide opportunities for faculty from different disciplines, as well as administrative staff, to come together and share ideas
  • Provide a comprehensive orientation and ongoing programming for new faculty
  • Provide targeted opportunities for career enrichment relevant to adjunct / part-time / professional / fellow and lecturer faculty, junior tenure-track faculty, mid-career tenured faculty, and senior late-career faculty.

Evolving from the Augustana Center for Teaching and Learning, the CFE is especially committed to enriching faculty work that advances our common mission of teaching and learning through a wide range of programming and resources. The Center strives to:

  • Emphasize high-impact practices for effective undergraduate teaching and deep student learning, based on relevant scholarship and best practices
  • Offer opportunities for personal and small group consultations to observe and provide feedback on teaching
  • Make available resources and campus programming for continuing pedagogical development.

The Center is also committed to faculty enrichment through professional development in career priorities beyond teaching and learning, such as:

  • scholarship: developing and managing projects, academic writing, grant applications, etc.
  • service and leadership: identifying and pursuing relevant service opportunities, devloping skill sets for group collaboration, committee and departmental leadership, and administrative work, etc.
  • productivity: locating and using tools and best practices for professional efficiency and work/life balance.

The Center for Faculty Enrichment depends on the input of Augustana faculty, so please direct any questions, suggestions, or concerns to CFE Director Steve Klien (ext. 7562).

Resources provided by the CFE are currently available through our learning management system (  This site is currently under construction; thank you for your patience as we work toward making this your one-stop shop for faculty enrichment needs!