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Other faculty development opportunities

Pre-tenure sabbatical

Those faculty hired with no credit toward tenure are eligible for a one-term, two-course sabbatical following their sixth or seventh term (excluding summer school) of full-time, on campus instruction. A pre-tenure sabbatical will not be granted in an academic year in which a faculty member has any other form of leave. Applications are considered during the winter term of the year preceding the sabbatical. The Faculty Welfare Committee will approve all proposals which specifically aim to produce peer reviewed publication or equivalent artistic production during the pre-tenure years.

An academic year with a pre-tenure sabbatical leave for one term will be compensated at full 9-month salary. No delay of the pre-tenure sabbatical may be granted. Faculty members taking a third-year sabbatical will be eligible for their next sabbatical in the ninth year of full-time teaching, one year following normal eligibility. Pre-tenure sabbatical applications are to accompany a faculty member's report to the FWC at the two-year review.

Bridge funding

Bridge funding is available for faculty with equipment needs related to their research. This fund enables faculty to establish a laboratory and begin a research agenda in anticipation of a grant application. See the dean of the college for further information.

First-year advising stipends

These are available for faculty members who administer a first-year advising group. Advising stipends of $1,000 are added to the balance of a faculty member's professional funds (PMA), and can be used for travel or to purchase things like books, a laptop, academic regalia, etc. See the Academic Affairs office for details.

Augustana Alumni Board Departmental Assistantship Awards

Contact: Sue Rector, Office of Advancement

Alumni Board Awards can offset research costs such as materials and travel expenses and for student stipend support. Typically, two to three $400 awards per year are granted to student/faculty research teams. Applications should be received by the last work day of April. Awards are made in May.