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Assessment and Institutional Research

Information about Augustana

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Augustana first-year Class of 2023 profile

Quick facts about Augustana College via College Navigator

Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac of Higher Education

Augustana faculty salary averages and comparisons from the Chronicle of Higher Education

Common Data Set

2014-2015 2017-2018
2015-2016  2018-2019

CUPA-HR: National data on higher education administratorprofessional, and staff salaries through CUPA-HR Surveys.  

Dashboard: quick 5 year comparison of several dashboard indicators.   View the  2017-18 dashboard.

US News info: More facts about Augustana College via U.S. News and World Report

Assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness at Augustana:  

First Year Survey:  We also administer a survey to our students at the end of their first term and at the end of their first year.  View the 2016-17 results2015-16 results2014-2015 results, the 2013-2014 results

HERI Survey: Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Faculty Surveys results shown by themesconstructs or institutional profile.

IEMF: Augustana measures of institutional effectiveness and mission fulfillment 2012201320152016, or 2017.

Enrollment & Retention Rates: Augustana student 2018-2019 Fall enrollment and retention report,  2017-18 Fall enrollment & retention rates,  2017-18 Spring enrollment & retention rates2016-17 Fall enrollment & retention rates.

First Destination Survey:  Where do our students go after graduation?  Graduating class of 2017 results

Graduation Rates:  Detailed breakdown of 6 year-graduation rates from class of 2014. Breakdown of graduation rates of 2010-2012 cohorts.

Other Surveys: Augustana also administers the Global Perspectives Inventory, a student readiness survey, and a motivation study among other surveys.

Recent Alumni Survey: Recent alumni are surveyed approximately 9 months after graduation.  View the results with NACE comparisons for the 2015-16 graduates2014-15 graduates2013-14 graduates, or the 2012-13 graduates.  Starting with the 2016-17 graduates, the recent alumni survey has morphed in to the first destination survey, so go up a few spots for that data. 

Retention Rates (first to second year breakdowns):  Detailed breakdown of retention rates for the 2014 to 2017 cohorts

Senior Survey: Each year we administer a survey to our graduating seniors.  View the 2014 results here2015 results here,  2016 results here, or the 2017 results here.  We also have multi-year trends

Student Learning Outcomes: Augustana strives for student learning based on these college wide Learning Outcomes. Here is an example of assessment work done on the Communicate outcome. 

Teagle Study: Augustana participated in a Teagle Senior Capstone Study.  

Wabash Study: Read about the Wabash study in which Augustana College participated. View results from the Wabash National Study

We're excited that the learning gains our students demonstrated through these surveys and studies, combined with our assessment practices, led the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) to use Augustana as an example and highlight us in a publication!   

Resources for gathering and using course level feedback

We use The IDEA Center.

Here is a Powerpoint presentation about using The IDEA Center SRI at Augustana

View a Powerpoint presentation on transforming IDEA feedback into your teaching and related worksheet.

Would you like more ideas on how to use your feedback from The IDEA Center?  Check out their blog.  

How do the IDEA center objectives align with college student learning outcomes or Program goals?  Here is an idea of how to start and a course level to college level template as well as a program level to college level template

View the institution's Spring 2011-12 Group Summary Report, the Fall 2012-13 Group Summary Report, the 2012-13 Academic Year Group Summary Report, or the 2013-2014 Academic Year Group Summary Report.

The IDEA Center process should not be the only method for gathering evidence on teaching and learning.  We can assist with developing other methods of assessing student learning. 

Other resources:

 Increasing student investment in the first three weeks.  A Powerpoint of the presentation from faculty retreat 2014. 

Consent form for sharing student work.  There are several consent forms for e-portfolio use as well available on Moodle.

Augustana College is a member of the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium, which consists of 129 small, private, nonprofit institutions around the country that are committed to sharing and using information to more fully enact their missions and promote effective liberal arts education.