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Scandinavian Studies award March 29

The Scandinavian Studies student award is up to $750 for an outstanding paper or project on a Scandinavian-related theme, given annually.

The award recognizes excellent undergraduate research and creative scholarship and is open to students from any discipline, whose work has engaged with Sweden, the Nordic region or its related cultures (the Nordic region includes Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sápmi, Svalbard, and Sweden).

Submissions may be within the natural sciences, social sciences or humanities, and range from fieldwork completed in the Nordic region, to culture and literary studies, music, and the arts. The topic may have a broad scope, as long as it includes a comparative perspective that significantly anchors it in the Nordic region.

Entry deadline is 4 p.m. March 29, 2019.

Students should consult with faculty to prepare a professional version of their paper or project. First-time applicants may submit work from any point in their college career. Returning applicants will be limited to work completed since April of the previous academic year. Co-authored submissions will be considered as long as both authors are Augustana students.

Winners will receive recognition at the Augustana Honors Convocation in May as well as a monetary award. Winning entries will also have the opportunity to be published on the Augustana Digital Commons.   

Submissions are to be delivered as a hard copy to the mailbox of Dr. Mark Safstrom in Denkmann Building, Room 114, and a digital copy via email to Award recipients will be notified in mid-April.  
Submissions should include: 

A cover page with student’s name, paper or project title, the name of the course to which this originally was submitted and the term, and the instructor’s name.  

A letter by the student explaining why the student thinks the paper fits the parameters of the award and meets one or more of the overall goals of the Wallenberg Grant (see below). The student should share some personal reflections on the motivation for why this topic was chosen, what was learned, and describe how the project was revised since its initial submission for a course.  

A brief letter of endorsement by a faculty member. The faculty member should explain the context in which the paper or project was completed, endorse the value of the work and explain why it represents the very best work from among peers in the same course or major program, and include relevant notes about the revision process that went into the final submission for this award. 

Entries will be evaluated by the Wallenberg Grant Committee, which includes Jennifer Burnham, David Crowe, Lisa Huntsha, Adam Kaul and Mark Safstrom. This award was established through a grant from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. 
Goals of the Wallenberg Foundation Grant for Scandinavian Studies: 

Strengthen the future of scholarly inquiry into Swedish and Scandinavian Studies at Augustana College, ensuring that these studies continue as a vibrant part of the overall academic landscape at liberal arts colleges in the United States; 

Allow Augustana College to help serious faculty, staff, and students to make sustained and important contributions to this academic area and promote a vibrant, modern approach to the study of Sweden and the Nordic region; 

Make Scandinavian Studies relevant to today’s students and challenge them to explore a culture other than their own, as well as relate this experience to their overall undergraduate education. This includes forging and strengthening strategic partnerships with Swedish and Scandinavian educational institutions; 

Encourage interdisciplinary activity across the campus by promoting one or more of the following areas of scholarly inquiry and artistic production:  
- The Migration of Persons and Ideas 
- Modernity in Swedish and Nordic Societies 
- Literature and the Arts 
- Language Acquisition and Intercultural Competence. 


Dr. Mark Safstrom, 309-794-7329

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