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Longfellow School needs volunteers

Longfellow Liberal Arts Elementary School is Augie's neighborhood public school and it is in need of volunteers to work with students on different activities, such as one-on-one tutoring (math, reading, literacy) and life skills practice (tying shoes).  

Teachers will provide you with instruction and materials.

This opportunity is open to all Augustana employees. Hourly employees may participate during work hours with the approval of their supervisors.  Longfellow is very near campus at 4198 7th Ave.

There are 38 half-hour slots each week to be filled.  

Volunteers may do one half-hour a week or each day, or two half-hour slots one or twice a week. Volunteers choose what works best in their schedules.

Sign up

Each class that needs help has a different color. Once you have signed up, Julie Oliger in the education department will forward your email address to the Longfellow contact, Berni Carmack, and she will contact you with more information.


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