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Darwin Week March 24-28: birds, movies, concert

March  20, 2014

This painting is the earliest picture known of Charles Darwin, here age 7. (Wikipedia Commons)

The Darwin Club will sponsor Darwin Week March 24-28, commemorating the 204th birthday of English naturalist Charles Darwin.

Darwin was born Feb. 12, 1809, in Shrewsbury, England. Darwin events take place worldwide. The International Darwin Day Foundation says the events express gratitude for the "enormous benefits that scientific knowledge, acquired through human curiosity and ingenuity, has contributed to the advancement of humanity."

Augustana events include:

Monday, March 24: The Darwin Club will sell homemade soap, t-shirts, and more from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at Brew by the Slough in the Tredway Library.

Tuesday, March 25: Nature Movie Night begins at 7:30 p.m. on the third floor of Hanson Hall of Science, lecture hall.

Wednesday, March 26: This event has been postponed. A new date will be announced. Campus bird walk with Dr. Steve Hager will lead a campus bird walk from 7:30-8:30 a.m. Meet meet by the clock in the Quad (in front of Hanson). Binoculars will be available.

Thursday, March 27: Join the Darwin Club at the Salon discussion from 11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m. at Brew by the Slough in the Tredway Library.

Friday, March 28: All are invited to the annual Chuck Fest concert at 7 p.m. at Brew by the Slough. There will be an open mic session (first come, first serve, within the first 30 minutes of the event). All are welcome. The open mic will be followed by Augustana bands Improbability Drive, Naughty Triceratops, and The Monkey Wrench Gang.