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Student Athlete Profile

Lisa Neverman '09
Biology and Pre-Medicine Major

A small town girl, volleyball player Lisa Neverman competed with the same athletes throughout much of her athletic career before college. But once at Augustana, Neverman says she was introduced to an entire new athletic family, as well as to her additional extra curricular groups of Sigma Alpha Iota, Collegiate Chorale, and the Handbell Choir. Outside of her campus responsibilities, Neverman gets valuable training in her academic field performing volunteer work in the Emergency Room at Trinity Hospital.

During the summer of '06, Neverman jumped at the opportunity to travel to France as part of a six-week study abroad program through Augustana and the Universitè de Bourgogne in Dijon, France. Neverman calls the four-week intensive language and culture study program followed by two weeks of site seeing in Paris eye opening and life changing, saying she will strive to immerse herself more into the politics and experiences of other cultures in the future.

On the volleyball court, Lisa Neverman represents the positive and supportive spirit of a close knit team and college community. As an Augustana student, Neverman has delved into much of the exciting academic and extra curricular opportunities the college has to offer and has experienced worlds outside of her own.