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Student Athlete Profile

Ramsey Vens '09
Speech Communication Major

Ramsey Vens knows how lucky she is to be in the water competing as a Viking swimmer. The summer before Vens' sophomore year at Augustana, she shattered two vertebrae in her neck during a vacation swimming accident. Doctors said her injury was similar to those of someone thrown from a vehicle going 65 mph, however Vens' spinal cord had not been damaged.

After spinal surgery, rehabilitation, and more than a month sooner than predicted, Vens was released from physical therapy and started swimming competitively again. Vens said she went into physical therapy with the mentality that she was going to do everything she could to recover. She was able to join her teammates at the CCIW swimming championships as part of the 400-meter freestyle relay and also in the 200-meter backstroke, in which she placed fourth.

Vens attributes family, friends, and members of the Augustana community for aiding in her remarkable recovery. She also finds valuable support systems in the Chi Omega Gamma sorority and in her additional extra curricular activities in intermural sports. She is very thankful for her second lease on life, and in the future, Vens looks toward a career in sports broadcasting.