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Student Athlete Profile

Rafael Romero, '08
International Business and Finance Major, French Major

This comeback tennis star and native Venezuelan has overcome obstacles and crossed cultural boundaries to become a top student athlete and a graduate school hopeful.

In his three years on the tennis team, native Venezuelan Rafael Romero has fortified his dedication and desire for success on the court and raised the level of competition. A comeback star this year after undergoing ACL surgery on his left knee, Romero describes tennis as what fuels him to excel in all other activities he is involved in, such as president of the Business Club, Spanish tutor and a technology consultant for Internet Technology Services at Augustana College.

Romero's leadership skills are put to the test every day in his extra curricular activities and on the court, but representing student groups, his team and his school has become second nature. Known for gaining connections with numerous Fortune 500 companies, Romero calls himself a progressive leader, taking the initiative in several academic projects.

By persevering and overcoming obstacles, Romero has made his mark as a tennis player at the college level. And by incorporating a diverse list of activities as well as a rigorous academic schedule into his daily routine, he has made a place for himself at Augustana. Romero's future plans are to pursue work in an asset-management and investment banking company and eventually earn a master's degree in finance.