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For this class, you'll be writing a research paper on a topic of your choosing relating to race, wealth, and inequality in American politics. For this paper, you must use at least 10 sources:

-only one may be a website;
-one must be one of the books from the course; and
-at least six must be scholarly (books or articles from academic journals).

Today, you'll learn how to find specialized political science information and get started using RefWorks.



Augustana may have some of the books you need, but to ensure that your research is as thorough as possible, be sure to search I-Share as well. You can request books from nearly 80 college and university libraries throughout Illinois and usually get them in 3-5 business days.

Some tips to consider:

1) click on "advanced search" to see more options
2) stack your terms to combine them, e.g., race (and) politics; "United States" (and) latin? OR hispan? 
3) when you find a book that looks good, use the "Topic" links to find other books on similar subjects
4) don't forget to browse the stacks! - you'll likely find other books shelved nearby that will also be good for your research
5) not getting any results? at the top, change the drop-down menu from "ALiCat" to "all I-Share libraries" to search all the academic libraries in Illinois


Articles (Scholarly and Otherwise)

To quickly get to a shortened list of databases that includes our political science resources: from the library homepage, choose the "Articles" tab, then "Social Sciences."

A few to be sure to try:

1) Political Science Complete

- this is an EBSCO database, so you can use any search tips/techniques that you've used in Academic Search Complete in the past
- when you find an article that you think will be particularly helpful, click into the detailed record and look at the "subject terms" - these are hyperlinks that will take you to other articles on that topic


- go immediately to the Advanced Search screen
- below the search area, check the box by "Article" and limit to appropriate disciplines (Political Science, etc.)

3) Sociological Abstracts

- stack your related search terms above each other, e.g., "race" AND "voter ID"
- select the "peer reviewed" box to narrow your results appropriately; you may also want to narrow by a specific date range and/or to English
- click into results that look good, then notice the words/phrases next to "Subject" (below the abstract); by using this language in your next search and doing a "Subject" search, you can retrieve even better results 

4) Academic Search Complete

- start with a broad search, e.g., "presidential power," "third-party election success," etc.
- when you get your results, use the links on the left under "Subject: Thesaurus Term" on the left side to narrow your search even more - you can use this feature to narrow your topic, too!

Your research will likely also be informed by scholarship in other areas, which (depending on your topic) may include history, sociology, women's and gender studies, etc. To find research materials in these other disciplines that will help provide background and context for your research, choose the appropriate link from the menu under the "Databases" tab on the library homepage.

**Help! There's no link to the full text!*

1. If there's a full-text link in the database you're in, just click on it!

2. If you don't see a full-text link, go to the library homepage and select "Augustana's Periodicals." Enter the journal's title to see if the full text is available somewhere else.

3. If Augustana doesn't own the article you're looking for, click on "Interlibrary Loan" under "Library Services" on the homepage. It's free, and you'll usually get the article within 3-5 days.


RefWorks allows you to download, manage, and store citations for your research projects. While you're working in any of the databases listed above or searching for books in ALiCat or I-Share, you can add citation information to your online RefWorks database.  Once you've completed your research, you can also use RefWorks to format your paper and create your bibliography!

Getting citations from ALiCat & I-Share into RefWorks:

1. If you were searching using the new Basic or Advanced Search, make a note of the titles you'd like to add to your RefWorks database.
2. Click on "Classic View" and do a "title" search for the first title (changing the drop-down box from "any word anywhere" to "title").
3. When the book comes up, scroll to the bottom of the page, make sure it says "full record," and click the "Print/Save" button.
4. A new screen with reformatted text will appear; select all of this text and copy it.
5. In your RefWorks account, choose "import" from the "references" menu on the left.
6. Paste the text into the bottom window. Choose "Augustana College" as the "Import Filter/Data Source" and "ALiCat" as the database. Click "Import" at the bottom.

1. Make a note of the titles you'd like to add to your RefWorks database. (Also note the author, just in case.)
2. Return to the library homepage and click "other catalogs" from the Book Catalogs menu.
3. Choose "WorldCat."
4. Using the title & author information you saved, pull up the record of the first book you'd like to save in RefWorks.
5. Check the box next to the record, then scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the "Export" button.
6. Indicate that you want to export only the selected record to RefWorks, then click "Export."




Need help? Ask a librarian!


Created by Anne Earel, Reference Librarian. Updated November 2014.


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