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Amy MartinAmy Martin '95

"I'm sick of plastic songs, and I think a lot of other people are too. We need songs that reflect the depth and complexity of our experiences. We need music that speaks to our roots, not just our surfaces."

Amy Martin has combined her love of music and her passion for political activism to establish herself as a folk singer in Missoula , Montana. She has been making her living as a musician since 2000. In that time, the philosophy major and former Augustana Choir member has released five albums and started her own independent label, Raven's Wing Records.

Martin defines folk music as "music that has an address and a hometown; it comes from somewhere, and it knows it," says Martin. "It speaks to its own time, knows its history, and has hopes for the future." She was named Missoula's Peacemaker of the Year for 2004, and has raised $10,000 for women-run health and education projects in Afghanistan through the sales of her third album, This Fall .