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Faculty Profile

Dr. Peter KivistoDr. Peter Kivisto
Richard Swanson Professor of Social Thought
Chair of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Welfare

Dr. Peter Kivisto, Richard Swanson Professor of Social Thought and Chair of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Welfare; Editor of The Sociological Quarterly .

Augustana sociologist Peter Kivisto describes his field as "unsettled." It's a term that can apply to different facets of sociology: the changing nature of societies, the challenge of studying social forces and effects, even the many kinds of academic "settlers" the field attracts.

Because of the "unsettled" nature of sociology, there are a relatively greater number of published academic journals in sociology than in other fields. Of these, one of the most renowned and respected is The Sociological Quarterly , for which Dr. Kivisto is the new editor.

One reason for the Quarterly's prominence is its generalist nature. Representing a variety of cutting-edge voices and advances in sociology, the periodical requires a diplomatic editor. While Dr. Kivisto fits the role for his extensive editorial work, diplomacy is also a prerequisite for good teaching-and Dr. Kivisto is known on campus for his fair-mindedness.

His special interests are immigration sociology, ethnic and racial studies. His new and forthcoming books include Incorporating Diversity , Boulder , Colo. : Paradigm Publishers, and The Future of Citizenship (with Thomas Faist), Malden , Mass. : Blackwell Publishing.