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PR/Communication: Plans and Priorities for 2013-14

Foster strong relationships with our community.

Articulate the library’s functions and integration into the Augustana Strategic Plan for the next 5 years

    Explore greater partnership with other student support services (Connie)

Promote and educate the community about the value of materials in Special Collections

    Explore ways to publicize the data gleaned from student assessment of their work with Special Collections materials (Sarah)

Develop timely and consistent approaches to communicating with our community

    Make others involved in the Center for Student Learning project aware of the time it will take to accomplish various tasks (Liaison librarians and Carla)
    Communicate more about the library, including through our new faculty newsletter column (All)
    Communicate results of AGES assessment (Stefanie)
    Develop library social media presence (Anne, Stefanie)
    Publicize what the library can offer to students through leaflets in their rooms on move-in day, presence at activities fair, etc. (Anne)
    Outreach with other kinds of local public and special libraries, developing internships, and partnering in varied ways (Connie)
    Host a college information literacy assessment conference (Sarah, Margi, Stefanie)