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Outreach: Plans and Priorities for 2015-16

Foster strong relationships with our community as outlined in the Augustana 202 Strategic Plan.

Expand partnerships with CORE, Learning Commons, OSL (Connie)

Consult for Learning Portfolio Pilot Project (Rachel)

Collaborate with Augustana constituents to identify and prioritize materials for inclusion in Augustana Digital Commons (Amanda, Connie, and Sam)

Promote and educate the community about the value of materials in Special Collections

  • Explore ways to publicize the data gleaned from student assessment of their work with Special Collections materials (Sam and Stefanie)

Improve library social media presence (Rachel and Anne)

  • Develop student social media internship (Rachel)

Outreach with other kinds of local public and special libraries, developing internships, and mentoring future librarians group (Connie)

Further develop the displays and events program (Rachel)

Participate in the expanding advising initiatives (All)

Participate in the First Year Experience (FYE) initiatives (Liaison librarians)