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Information for Parents

Here is information that will help you support your student's success at Augustana. If you don't find the information you're looking for, please call the Dean of Students Office at (309) 794-7533 or (800) 798-8100. The staff will be happy to answer questions or refer you to a more appropriate resource.

General information

Who do I call when my student needs help? (Academic, Roommate issues, Major problems, etc.)

If a student is experiencing difficulties on campus, parents should first encourage him/her to contact the appropriate person or office that can address their concern.  The Dean of Students Office can also direct parents or students to the office that can assist with a specific problem. The Dean of Students manages all areas of student services, including:

Contact Dean of Students Dr. Evelyn Campbell, at (309) 794-7533 or at or Mark Anderson, Assistant Dean of Students, at (309) 794-7502 or at

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How can I help my student pick classes, majors, and/or minors?

The choice of classes and major/minor programs should be made by the student in consultation with his/her academic advisor. The first-year academic advisors are familiar with the requirements for students and are able to assist them in planning their course schedules and lead them to the appropriate major/minor program.

Augustana College encourages parents to read the course catalog along with their student to gain knowledge of program and graduation requirements.

Does the staff make an effort to get to know students outside of the classroom? How?

Augustana advisors take many opportunities to get to know their students. They will meet with students to plan course schedules, discuss activities on campus that may be of interest, recommend visits to local attractions or areas of interest, and/or work on service projects. During the first year, academic advisors guide students to ensure they understand the general education and graduation requirements, and help the students in career exploration.

Often, faculty members meet with students outside of the classroom in various settings, such as Brew by the Slough, athletic events, during faculty office hours, in residence halls, and will travel with students for curricular trips. Many advising groups meet to engage in social activities throughout the school year as well.

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What does the housing selection process entail? What options does my student have?

Housing options for a student are dependent upon the year that the student began at Augustana. All first-year, sophomore, and junior students are required to live on-campus, unless they have obtained an an off-campus release.

First-year students entering Augustana will be able to access their housing contract and rooming preferences beginning June 1 and are encouraged to complete by the priority deadline June 30.  Placements will be emailed to students in late July. Click here to view

Information on housing for incoming students

Current students will receive a random computer-assigned group number based on their ID numbers (which reflects the year the student began at Augustana).  Students then can secure their placement using the college's placement website during their group time. Available spaces are reflected in real time.

Students who do not select their housing by the end of the academic year (without off-campus release status) will be placed in rooms during the summer.

Students with senior status will be automatically granted off-campus release. There is no application necessary. Any student who currently has or is eligible for off-campus release will automatically decline release status if a room is selected during the housing selection process.

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Student life

What student events are occurring on campus?

There is always something going on for students on campus! See a complete list of on-campus events.

What student organizations are recommended for advancement in certain fields of study? Which groups are social and which are professional?

Augustana has many professional and departmental organizations for students to join. Your student can contact his/her academic advisor to find out which organizations are recommended for a particular area of academic interest. In addition to Professional and Departmental organizations, Augustana offers students the opportunity to participate in various social, religious, athletic, and special interest groups.

Your student may wish to participate in a variety of student groups to develop skills for advancement in a particular academic or career field, build leadership skills, or exercise an individual talent. Click here to view a list of Augustana's student groups.

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Student employment

How can my student apply for a campus job?

Augustana students are not assigned jobs. Students are informed of various employment positions through openings being posted outside of the Student Employment Office, availabilities being sent through email, and current openings being posted on Augie Hub. Students may apply within the department for the positions that interest them.

Current students have an account on Augie Hub. A password is emailed to the student, who then can activate the account.  

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Dining Services

Will my student have to come back to his/her residence hall to eat lunch?

Dining Services provides meals at the Center for Student Life. There also are beverages and snacks at Brew by the Slough, the Snack Shack in the College Center and the Westerlin C-store. 

Can I arrange for cakes or special treats for my student?

A little treat is a great way to lift your student's spirits no matter what the occasion. Augustana Dining Services has many treat options available.

Feel free to call Dining Service with any questions (309) 794-7250.

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Where should my student go to be treated for an injury, illness, or other medical condition?

UnityPoint Trinity has three facilities which Augustana students use. Our students usually go to the walk-in clinic, Trinity Express Care Clinic, 106 19th Ave., Suite 103, Moline, Ill., (309) 779-7050.

The two closest hospitals are:

Trinity Medical Center (West) 2701 17th St., Rock Island, Ill., (309) 779-5000

Trinity Medical Center (7th St.) 500 John Deere Road, Moline, Ill., (309) 779-5000

Hospitals on the Iowa side of the river are managed by Genesis

Students may take our Health Care Shuttle by calling (309) 781-5711 from 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. on weekdays. For evenings and weekends, students may obtain a free taxi ride to a medical facility by calling (309) 788-8182 and showing their Augie ID.

What are Augustana's policies on notifying parents of drug and alcohol violations?

A student's parents will be contacted in the event of a third violation of the college's alcohol policy, and after the second offense of an illegal drug violation. If an offense is likely to result in a disciplinary suspension, the college will ask the student to notify his/her parents. If parents are not contacted by the student, the college will contact the parents. Parent communication is allowed under recent amendments to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Augustana's substance use policies can be viewed by clicking here.

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Safety and Security

What services are provided by Augustana's campus security?

Augustana Public Safety is on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including foot, car and bicycle patrols by security officers. Depending on the time of day, there are one to three security staff members on duty. Additional security officers work nights and weekends and at certain times Augustana hires off-duty Rock Island Police Officers to patrol the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. Finally, a switchboard operator is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to allow parents and students to obtain answers to their security questions.

While security staff members do not carry weapons, they are in radio contact with the Rock Island Police Department and can obtain fast assistance if necessary. Security staff members are trained in first aid and CPR and can provide medical emergency assistance when necessary.

For transportation needs, Augustana College provides students with ACES (the Augustana College Escort Service) a student-run van service. ACES operates from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. every day for transportation near campus.

Click here to view Augustana's Public Safety website.

Are the outlying neighborhoods around Augustana safe? What are they like?

Many senior students live in the outlying neighborhoods around Augustana College; these neighborhoods are generally safe. However, the college is not able to monitor these areas in the same manner as the college campus. We would encourage safety and caution in these areas. Crime stats are available online (click here) and in the student handbooks.

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Career and graduate school information

What help is given to get into professional/graduate school?

Individual assistance is available for students at the Internships and Careers Office on professional/graduate school exploration and interview preparation. The Career Center can assist students in preparing applications and writing personal statements. Career counselors are available to assist students on an individual basis concerning professional/graduate school planning.

For more information about the Internships and Careers Office, click here.

Upon graduation, does the Internships and Careers Office  help with job opportunities?

Augustana College has three professional staff members within the Internships and Careers Office that provide students and alumni the opportunity to receive one-on-one career development assistance. The office offers students many opportunities to explore career options, such as workshops and career fairs.

How can I help my student in his/her job or internship search?

Have your student contact the Internships and Careers Office for information and help concerning internship or job searches. You can also get information on how to become a career advisor. As an advisor you can help your child work on career development. Also, you can keep the office informed of job and internship opportunities at your place of employment. For more information on how to become a Career Center advisor, click here.

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Financial information

Can students cash checks on campus?

The Cashier's Office at Augustana College is available for students to cash certain checks with a $.75 per check. Click here to read the detailed check-cashing policy.

To whom are bills sent?

Bills are sent to both students and their parents. The original bill for each new term is sent to the home address as well as the student's campus mailbox. If billing is necessary during the term, a bill is sent to both parent and student unless it is under $20 and then it is only sent to the student.

Should my student have a bank account?

A bank account isn't necessary, but it can be very useful. Each student's spending habits vary so it really depends on how your family or student handles finances. College is a good opportunity for students to get used to a checking account and all the balancing and tracking that goes along with it while their number of personal expenses is less than when they establish their own households post-college.

Is it necessary to have insurance for personal belongings?

Augustana College is not responsible for personal property that is lost, stolen or damaged. We suggest that students get personal property insurance just in case they lose something valuable or it is stolen. Many students' belongings are covered by their parent's homeowners' insurance while enrolled in school, so look into that first. It's ultimately up to your family to decide.

Who do I talk to about financial assistance specific to foreign term?

Students who plan to spend a term abroad and receive financial assistance will receive all aid for the term. This amount will not decrease or increase due to student participation in the foreign term program.

Call the Office of Financial Assistance with questions about financial assistance for foreign terms at (800)798-8100 ext. 7207 or (309)794-7207. The office is located on the first floor of Seminary Residence Hall or you can email questions to

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Books for parents

The Naked Roommate: For Parents Only: A Parent's Guide to the New College Experience

Description: If your child is starting life in college, there's a surprise around every corner... But that doesn't mean you can't be prepared! "The Naked Roommate: For Parents Only" is a witty and wise guide to everything you need to know about the college experience. Harlan Cohen, America's most trusted college life expert, delivers the best advice, facts, stats, tips, and stories from parents, students, and experts across the country to ensure that you and your child will have an incredible and meaningful college experience.

Letting Go: A Parent's Guide to Understanding the College Years

Description: For more than a decade Letting Go has provided hundreds of thousands of parents with valuable insights, information, comfort, and guidance throughout the emotional and social changes of their children's college years — from the senior year in high school through college graduation. Based on real-life experience and recommended by colleges and universities around the country, this indispensable book has been updated and revised, offering even more compassionate, practical, and up-to-the-minute information.

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