duties & requirements.

  • Complete a minimum 20 hours of community service (6 of which come from your Pledge Project, 10 of which must be completed in-chapter)
  • Attend a minimum of 3 committee meetings of 2 different types, which may count towards your service hours (as half an hour each)
  • Conduct interviews with 85% of the chapter's actives and acquire their first and second signatures (detailed below)
    • First Signatures: One side of the card consists of the active's answers to 5 interview questions. The reverse will list the active's name, hometown, majors/minors, and the active's signature along with 2 questions asked by the active.
    • Second Signatures: Obtain a signature from an active by answering an APO related question. Place all the signatures together on one or two notecards.
  • Acquire first signitures from ALL the members of your pledge class
  • Plan a 6-hours community service project to complete as a pledge class
  • Get a total average of 80% or above from quizzes
  • Attend all pledge class and active meetings
  • Design a pledge class t-shirt and booklet.
  • Pay dues $35 (before initiation) and $35 (before activation)