About the Mission

Operation JETS has partnered with an established service learning organization, Global Medical Training (GMT), a non-profit organization that provides medical services to poor communities in Central America. They work very closely with the community health professionals in these countries to determine how and where we can best serve their people. A primary purpose of GMT is to offer health care students and professionals an international experience that truly expands their understanding of medicine and life outside of the United States.

For approximately two weeks, students will travel to small communities throughout Nicaragua to assist in running free health clinics for the local people. Evenings will be times of group reflection – a time when students can discuss their experiences and feelings about what they have witnessed.

Personnel Involved as Leaders

- Dr. Darrin Good – Biology Professor and Chair of the Pre-Health Professions Governing Board

- Dr. Dara Weman-Geedey - Biology Professor and advisor for ACHOO

- Dr. Christine Petty - Augustana alumna and semi-retired physician

- Samantha Knox – 2007 graduate, pre-med major w/ Spanish minor

- Dr. Wil Johnson, M.D. – Director Global Medical Training (www.gmtonline.org)