Current Projects

     In addition to all of the types of things we did last year, we have plenty of projects lined up for this year as well!

Fundraising - Yard Work
Contact ACHOO for more information or to sign up. Check the latest meeting minutes for dates and times of yard work opportunities.

Fundraising - T-Shirt Design

Fundraising - ACHOO and AOK's Spare Change Drive
This event consists of raising money to purchase toys to hand out during clinic in Nicaragua and to make public health cards to give away.

Public Health Week
This event will take place during fifth week. Currently, we are trying to bring in someone to speak about the public health field during the next meeting. As a group we are also writing a letter to our legislator to emphasize the continued need for funding for the public health sector.

Smile Train
In an effort to raise money for the Smile Train organization we have hosted a yearly activity that includes professors and staff members. In the past we've done a canoe race in the slough.