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Personally Owned Wireless Access Point and Router Policy

Please click here for information about the wireless that is provided in many of our residence halls. For information about wireless in any other part of campus, click here.

Personally-owned wireless routers are only permitted in residences that do not have Augustana-provided WiFi. As we add WiFi to our residential buildings, students living in these buildings will be asked to disconnect their own routers. If ITS identifies routers after we have asked residents to disconnect them, we will issue a warning to the student. If the student has consecutive violations, ITS will disconnect the room completely for a time period. On a third violation, ITS will fine residents of the room or TLA $50 and will confiscate the router.

Please follow the instructions below to avoid causing a network problem. If a conflict or a problem is found with any router on the Augustana College network; Augustana College reserves the right to shut off a user's connection or disallow that router.

Note: We do not support D-Link routers as they have caused problems with our network in the past. Please look at Cisco/Linksys, Netgear and Belkin when shopping for a router. ITS reserves the right to disallow any hardware that may cause problems with our network.

How to set up your router

Configure it Yourself

  1. Follow the instructions that came with your router (they may include using a CD that is provided or software that is available on the manufacturer's website).
  2. Make sure to create a unique router name (SSID) and password.

Bring it into ITS

  1. Stop by ITS during normal business hours and drop off your router with a staff person. You should be asked to fill out a short form with the information that we need to configure your router. ITS will contact you when we are finished with the configuration.
  2. Plug in your router from the Internet port to the wall (as demonstrated below)

    How to plug in your wireless router.

Note: If your router does not work when you plug it in in this way, please stop by ITS with your router and laptop during normal business hours. If you plug it in incorrectly, it may cause problems with the network.