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Bringing Your Own Computer to Campus

While there is no specific requirement, as of the 2011-2012 school year, ITS recommends any PC being connected to the network for student use meet the following specs:

Windows 7
1.5 GhZ or faster processor

Windows 8
1.5 GhZ or faster processor

Macintosh Computers
Mac OS 10.6 or higher
1 GhZ or faster Intel processor


Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac
Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 for Windows
Internet Explorer 8 or later

Augustana College offers Symantec Anti-Virus at no charge for all students. Augustana College reserves the right to remove any software deemed unsuitable for the Augustana College Network.

Network & Accessories:
10BaseT or faster Ethernet connection
Ethernet cable (available on-campus)
802.11b or higher wireless card (laptops)
USB storage ("thumbdrive" or similar) recommended, available on-campus
Wireless routers and access points are banned in residence halls with Augustana-provided WiFi (buildings with WiFi). View our wireless policy to see which wireless access points and routers are allowed on campus and what happens if you connect a router that does not follow our policy.

Please note: ITS cannot support all variants of all hardware and software that are brought on campus. However, we will always provide free support for connecting to a network and do the best we can to provide information on problems or issues you may encounter. Users wishing to use Linux systems are welcome and encouraged to do so, but support options are more limited at this time.

For further questions or recommendations, contact our Student Computing Coordinator, Wendy Ramsdale at or 309-794-8092.