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Organizing your Inbox

Click on a message in your inbox

Once you have a message open, there are several options:

Buttons to Organize inbox

  • Archive - Removes message from Inbox but stored in All Mail
  • Report Spam - Moves message to Spam Folder.

Note: If you decide later that the message is not spam open message in Spam and mark as Not Spam

  • Delete - Moves message to trash
  • Move to - Move the message to desired label
  • Labels - Add a label to the message, but keep it in the Inbox

Labels and Filters (Google Tutorial)

Create New Labels

1) Click on Settings

2) Click on the Labels tab


3) Type the label name in Create a new label then click Create

Create New Label

4) New label will appear in alphabetical order

Create Nesting Labels

Nesting Labels can help you manage your email by sorting it into a hierarchy of labels.

1) Go to Settings at the top of the page

2) Go to the Labs tab

3) Scroll down to Nested Labels and choose Enable

4) Click Save.

5) When creating a new label, add slashes (/) to label names to express inheritance.

For example, if you want a Home label with two child labels named Kids and Shopping, create the three following labels: Home, Home/Kids and Home/Shopping - to create a label see Create Label on the documentation page.

Show, Hide, Remove Labels

Show or Hide Labels

1) Go to Settings

2) Under the Labels tab you will see a list of all the labels of your account

3) Labels can be shown or hidden in list of labels - User created labels can also be removed in this way

Note: When a label is hidden it can be seen by selecting arrow next to more.

Rename Labels

Labels can be renamed by selecting label, highlighting text and renaming.

Rename Labels

Create a Filter

Filters are a feature in Google Mail that helps keep your email organized automatically. They allow you to sort your mail by subjects, senders, keywords and more.

Examples of uses for filters:

  • Sort emails from certain types of people into labels (i.e. professors, students, etc.) that you can easily access in the left panel of your Gmail window
  • Have certain types of emails skip the inbox automatically (i.e. newsletters that you want to store in your email, but not read immediately)
  • Forward emails from certain people to a specified email address
  • Make sure that emails from certain people are never labeled as spam

How to Create a Filter:

1) Click on Create a filter to the right of the search bar within your email

Note: You can also find this options by clicking on Settings in the top right hand corner of your email window, clicking on the Filters tab, and clicking on Create a new filter (if you have filters, this option will be below them)

2) Fill in the form that pops up according to how you would like to filter your mail

3) Click on Test Search to see what emails will be affected by this filter

Fill in Form

4) Click on Next Step to continue

5) Choose the option that best fits how you would like your email sorted

Choose Preferred Options

Note: Make sure to check the Also apply filter to # conversations below if you want the filter to effect old mail (it's located at the bottom, next to the Create Filter button)

Apply filter and create

6) Click on Create Filter

Move Messages

  • To drag and drop a message, position mouse on dots next to message until mouse turns into a hand.
  • You can also drag message to desired label

Remove "Web Clip" Links that Appear Above Email

1) Under mail Settings, click on Web Clips.

2) Un-check "Show my web clips..." or click remove on the feeds you do not want.

Note: To add a feed of Augustana news releases, add the following URL under "Search by topic or URL":