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Inbox Extras


To search for an email type in an email address, word from an email or subject or an email in the search box at the top of the page and click Search Mail. This will search your Inbox and all your labels.

Gmail doesn't recognize special search characters like square brackets, parentheses, currency symbols, the ampersand, the pound sign, and asterisks. It also doesn't recognize partial or similar matches, so a search for travel will find travel, but not travels, traveler, or the misspelled travle.

If you would like more information visit:

For more advanced searching


A theme is the background style of your inbox. To choose a theme:

1. Go to your Inbox

2. Click on Settings at the top of the page

3. Go to the Themes tab

4. Choose a theme that you would like (for example: Random)

Themes Tab

Note: if you choose Random it will ask for you city enter in Rock Island, IL and it will change each time you log in per your location

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make navigating your inbox faster and easier because they allow you to keep your hands on the keyboard, rather than repeatedly moving your hand to use the mouse.

To turn keyboard shortcuts on:

1) Click on Settings at the top right of your inbox

2) Go to the Keyboard Shortcuts section of the General tab

3) Turn on Keyboard Shortcuts

Turn on Keyboard Shortcuts

Click here for more information from Google, plus the full list of Keyboard Shortcuts