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Google Sites/AugieFolio

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Create a Google Site

In your Augustana Mail Inbox

First, in your mail program, click on Sites

In the Google Sites section of Google Apps

The first time you go to Google Sites the Sites main page will look like this:

To create your first Site, click Create Site

After you have created a site, the Sites main page will look like this:

To create another Site, click Create new Site

In the Create New Site Page

You will need to:

1) Choose a template, either:

  • Blank (the default)
  • A previously created template in the gallery

2) Name Your Site

3) Choose a theme

4) Set who can see your site (under More Options)

Note: Make sure to choose Only people I specify for now!

Click on Create Site when you have made these choices

Links and Buttons in the Google Sites Header

Creating a new Page

1) Click Create Page

2) Choose a Page type

  • Webpage - Text and individual attachments
  • Announcements - Blog
  • File Cabinet - Collections of files

3) Name the Page (this will be at the top of the page and in the sidebar)

4) Choose location of page

Indicates location in sidebar:

  • Do you want it to be a main page or a subpage?

5) Click Create Page

Editing a Page

To Turn Editing On:

Click on the Edit Page Button

Change the Title of Your Page

  • Select the text in the title field
  • Type a new title

Note: This will also change the name in the Navigation Sidebar

Editing the Body Text of a page

  • Click on the body field
  • Make your changes

General Formatting tools:

Inserting Objects into a Page

Click the Insert menu for options:

  • Inserting an Image
  • Click on Choose File
  • Locate the image you want
  • Select the image
  • Click on Open

Other options:

  • Table of Contents
  • Google Apps - Calendar, Docs (i.e. Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets)
  • Recent Posts - Embed an automatically updating list of your recent blog posts
  • Recently Updated Files - Embed an automatically updating list of your updated files

More Actions Menu

  • Revision History - To view all changes to your site
  • Subscribe to page changes - To get an email every time the page is changed
  • Page Settings - To edit the settings of the current page
  • Preview page as viewer - To see how others see your page
  • Save as page template - To save as a template
Note: Changes to a template are viewable to all Sites users. Apply your template to a new Site if you would like to use it personally.
  • Change page template - To chose a different template for your page
  • Subscribe to Site Changes - To get an email every time the page is changed
  • Manage Site - Brings you to the General Settings area
  • Site Permissions -

1) Click on Change

2) Choose one of the options

3) Click Save

4 a) If you chose "Anyone with the link," give the viewers the link in the first window
   b) If you chose "Private," type the Gmail/Augie mail addresses of the viewers
   c)Any other choice? Skip to 5

5) Click "Share"