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Google Sites - Pages

How to Create a New Page

1. Click on the Create Page button

2. Chose your page type

Note: There are many different page types that you can use when creating your site. Keep in mind the purpose of each page when you choose a type. There is more information on page types below.

3. Name the Page

Note: This name will show up at the top of the page and in the sidebar

4. Choose a location for the page

Note: This indicates where the page will show up in the site navigation. Do you want it to be a main page or a subpage?

5. Click Create Page

Page Types and How they Work

(for more information and a description of other page types from Google, click here you will be sent away from the Augustana webpage)

  • Web Page - Allows you to post text and individual attachments.
  • Announcements - Main page allows text and individual attachments. Users can also post blog-like entries that allow for text and individual attachments as well.
  • File Cabinet - There is an area for text and an area below to upload files or links to files. You can sort the files into folders.

How to Change Your Page Type 

(Coming Soon)

How to Organize Pages in the Sidebar

Editing the Sidebar

First... the Sidebar, click the Edit Sidebar link

Note: Some templates are set up so that they have no sidebar. If this is the case:

1a. Go to the More Actions Button
1b. Choose Manage Site
1c. Under the Site Appearance section of the sidebar choose Site Layout

To edit a sidebar item:

Click on Edit in the box of the item

To delete a sidebar item:

Click on Delete in the box of the item

To add a sidebar item:

Click on Add a Sidebar item

Options for Sidebar Items:
  • AdSense - Monetize your site by placing AdSense ads in your sidebar
  • Navigation - Add links to individual pages for users of your site to quickly access
  • Text - Add text to your site's sidebar
  • Recent site activity - A list of recent activity in your site
  • My recent activity - A list of recent activity by the currently signed-in user
  • Countdown - Countdown days to a specific date
  • Site owners - Display the owners of your site in your site's sidebar
  • Page authors - Display recent page authors in your site's sidebar