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Google Sites - Create a New Site

In Your Augustana Mail Inbox

Click on Sites at the top of your mailbox window.

In the Google Sites Section of Google Apps

Note: This page will look different after you have created a site

In the Site Creation Page

You have an option to start from scratch (choose blank template) or choose a template that has already been created (click on Browse the gallery for more). If you start from scratch you will be able to create the site exactly to your specifications, but there is no guidance.

Note specific to ePortfolios: If you are creating your site for use as an ePortfolio, you should look into using a template. Many Augustana users have created templates to make it easy to create ePortfolios. Some professors have even created templates that students are required to use for their classes.

Step 1 - Choose Blank template or a pre-created template

For a Pre-Created Template

  • Click on Browse the gallery for more to find a template
  • Scroll down through the list or search for a specific template in the search box
  • Select a template that interests you - click Preview Template if you would like to see a larger template
  • Click on the Select button to choose the template

Step 2 - Name Your Site

Since Google Sites uses the name that you enter to create your site's URL (web address), there can only be one site with that name. This means that you're going to have to name your site something unique.

Note: If you are creating your site for a specific class, it is likely that your professor wants you to name your site in a specific way. Make sure to contact your professor to make sure you follow the correct naming convention for the class.

Step 3 - Choose a Theme (optional)

  • To see the themes that are available, click on the + next to Choose a theme.
  • Click on the theme that you would like.

Step 4 - More Options - Important Privacy Settings Located here!!

Click on the + sign to access more options

Important Note: ITS strongly suggests that Augustana users choose Only people I specify can view this site under the Share with section at this stage. This guarantees that none of the material uploaded to your Google Site will be available to anyone except specific people that you allow access to. These preferences can be changed later.

Note specific to ePortfolios: ePortfolios may contain sensitive information that should not be shared with the general public. Make sure that you have permission to share the information in your portfolio with those that you specify.

Step 5 - Click Create Site