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For technical support with Google Sites contact: Kristina Zimmerman x7476, Shawn Beattie x7647, or the ITS Helpdesk x7293

For information about designing an ePortfolio template for your class contact Kristina Zimmerman x7476.

Creating a Google Site Step-by-Step

Setting up the Site Permissions

Creating Site Pages

How to Create a New Page

Page Types and How they Work

How to Organize Pages in the Sidebar

How to Edit the Sidebar

Types of Sidebar Items

  • AdSense
  • Navigation
  • Text
  • Recent site activity
  • My recent activity
  • Countdown
  • Site owners
  • Page authors

Editing a Page

General Formatting Tools

Changing the Title of a Page

Editing the Body Text of a Page

Inserting Objects into a Page

Manage Your Site - Settings, Style, and Organization

More Actions Button

Page Actions

  • Page Settings
  • Revision History
  • Subscribe to page changes
  • Page Settings
  • Print Page
  • Preview page as viewer

Page templates

  • Save as page template
  • Change page template

Site Actions

  • Subscribe to site changes
  • Manage site

Site Permissions