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Google Forms

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This 15 minute video will show you the basics of creating a form for surveys in Google Docs.  You may wish to click on the icon to make the video full screen.

Google provides a step-by-step online tutorial as well, on the Google Forms support page.



Exporting your survey data and questions from iSalient

1. Once logged into iSalient, click on Manage Surveys

2. Next to your survey, click Export.

3. Click the Export Survey Responses button.  A CSV (Comma Separated Values) file will download to your computer.  This contains both the questions and the data in a spreadsheet format.

Importing your survey questions into Google Forms

 Note, Google Forms has different question types from iSalient, so only the text of your questions will import.  Google will default to a text question type, which you will need to modify as needed.  If you have complex question types (matrix or scales) it may make more sense to recreate them in Google Forms and duplicate the questions as needed.

1. Go to Google Docs (click on Documents at the top when looged into Google mail)

2. Create a new Spreadsheet by clicking Create, Spreadsheet.

3. Click File, Import and locate the CSV file you downloaded.  Choose "Replace current sheet" and click Import.

4. Highlight the extra columns (IP, Browser, etc. added by iSalient, usually columns A through N) and choose Edit, Delete columns...

5. Choose Tools, Create a Form

6. Change your form title and, as needed, edit your questions by clicking on the edit icon if the responses need to be something other than text responses.