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Google Help Center

Google Mail Basics Handout (PDF)

Digest Mode

Why would I want to use Digest Mode?

What is Digest Mode?

Can I reply to an individual message in the Digest?

How do I find attachments in the Digest?

When and how often are Digest emails sent?

What if my email needs to be sent immediately?

Can I change back to getting individual emails?

What other options do I have?

How do I change how I receive email from a distribution list?

I am on other distribution lists. Can I change them to digest mode?

Reading Email

Conversation (video)

See the Number of Emails in a Conversation

Expand all emails in a conversation

Forward an Individual Email

Open or Close Messages

Turn off the Conversation Feature

Advance to Next Conversation instead of back to the Inbox

Get notified of new email messages - Google Talk

Composing Email

Create a new message

When should I use CC?

When should I use BCC?

Adding Attachments

Removing Attachments

Inserting Images

Enable Inserting Images Lab

Insert an Image in an Email

Auto Signature

Enable Signature Tweaks Lab

Out of Office Response

Send an email on behalf of someone else


Contacts (General Information)

Create a Contact

Personal Distribution List (Contact Group)

Create Group

Add Contacts to a Group

Email a Group

Exporting/Importing Distribution Lists (PDF)

Organizing Your Inbox

Buttons at the Top of Email

Labels & Filters (video)

Create a Label (Click here for Google's Explanation)

Nested Label

Showing and Hiding Labels

Renaming Labels

Create a Filter

Move Messages

Inbox Extras



Keyboard shortcuts

Gadgets and Labs

Thesaurus Gadget

Cool and useful gadgets

Email Migration (PDFs)

Changing The Default Email Client

Migrating Your Personal Folders from Outlook

Importing/Exporting Tasks

Forwarding Gmail to Another Account