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Frequently Asked Questions

As you start the Google Apps Conversion, you will receive information about the timing of the conversion and your new Google Apps password from ITS.

Google Apps

How do I change my password for Google Apps?

Once logged in, go to Settings > Accounts > Google Account Settings > Change password.

Why is my Google Apps password different from my regular Augustana password?

ITS has decided that for now, authentication for Google Apps should remain separate from your usual Augustana password. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, but at least through the conversion process this is how Google Apps is configured.

How do I set up my iPhone/iPad/iPod, Mac, Blackberry, Android, or similar device?

Unfortunately ITS can not support all of the different flavors of devices, and only supports access via a browser over the web. However, you may follow the instructions for your particular device or client on the Mobile Device page.

When prompted for username, you will be using, which is your Google Apps username.  Your password will be your Google Apps password, which may be different from your usual Augustana password.

When I click on an e-mail address, it still tries to send it via Outlook.  What do I do?

If you are running Windows, run this utility, which consists of the Google Chrome browser and related add-ons, to install desktop shortcuts to Google Apps that will also redirect e-mail links to your Google Apps account.  When asked, you will need to allow Chrome to handle your e-mail links.

Google Email

How do I access my e-mail?

In your web browser, go to and log in with your Google Apps password.  Note that your Google Apps password may be different from your Augustana login and password.

How do I create folders in Google Apps mail?

Google Apps uses the terminology of Labels rather than folders. (Here's why)  Google has a help page for using labels:

How do I create filters in Google Apps?

Google has a guide to creating filters at:

Can I remove or change the "web clips" of news sites or ads that appear across the top of my e-mail messages?

Yes, under mail Settings, click on Web Clips.  Then un-check "Show my web clips..." or click Remove on the feeds you do not want. Web clips are no longer customizable.

What is the maximum file attachment size?

You can send and receive messages up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size.

Are e-mail notifications a possibility?

Yes, Google's notifier will do this.  There are versions for Mac or Windows:


Are read receipts possible?

Email in Google Apps does not support read or delivery receipts.  See this explanation for more detail.


Why do I have to log into my email each time I open it? Why does it log me off when I'm not using it?

This is a security feature in your browser to prevent others from opening your mail at a later time.  When you are on the login page, be sure to click the "stay signed in" option, which can help. 

I forgot to log myself off a public computer. How can I force the other computer to log me off?

  1. Go to the very bottom of your inbox. You should see a small line of text that says something like:
    • Last account activity: 21 minutes ago at IP ___.___.__.___. Details
  2. Click on Details
  3. Click on the button that says "Sign out all other sessions"


What if I have Personal Folders in Outlook that I wish to access?

Once you are converted to Google Apps, Outlook will no longer pull up your Augustana email, since Outlook is still looking for it on our campus Exchange server.  Therefore, Outlook generates an error and exits.  To gain access to your Personal Folders, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, and Mail. Click E-mail Accounts and highlight your Exchange Account, and click Remove.  This will allow you to launch Outlook to view your personal folders.

Can I move my Personal Folders over to Google Apps mail?

Yes, using Google's migration tool for Outlook.  This is a possibility because each user has over 7 gigabytes of mail storage space.  Your folders, or labels, will reside on the server rather than on your local drive.