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Google Apps Conversion information

The information on these pages is for Faculty and Staff. Students were converted to Google Apps in 2008.

If you have already been converted, and wish to see troubleshooting information about the conversion, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Over the next several months, ITS will be migrating the balance of the campus email accounts from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps accounts (Google’s all inclusive product encompassing not only your Email and Calendar, but also includes Document storage and other enhancements). Since 2008, students have enjoyed the many benefits of Google Apps such as 7GB of storage, industry leading spam filtering/virus protection and internet accessibility. The experience has been overwhelmingly positive based on student feedback and we look forward to even greater satisfaction as faculty and staff are migrated.

We hope to complete the conversion of most accounts by the end of winter break, 2010-2011. Each department will be notified of conversion dates and training classes available well before their actual migration takes place. The following questions seem to be common concerns, however please feel free to contact me should you have any concerns as we move forward.

Why convert?
· Each user is assigned 7 gigabytes of mail storage compared to current limitations of 20 megabytes
· Industry leading span and virus protection
· Access from anywhere with a internet connection
· Foundational step towards a more central, intuitive, and collaborative campus communication system

What will the process look like?
In general, the conversions will be scheduled by building\office, with each office notified 2 weeks in advance of their scheduled conversion. Existing e-mail history will be migrated to your new Gmail account prior to the migration date. A brief training class will be available on the day of the conversion. Augustana specific documentation will be available on the ITS website as well as links to excellent Gmail and Calendar specific documentation provided by Google

Will my e-mail address change?
No. Your e-mail address will remain exactly the same as it is now “”. Redirection will take place behind the scenes.

Can I stay on Outlook?
Unfortunately, managing individual users on two e-mail platforms is extremely difficult. The goal is to migrate all of the campus to Google’s web-based service. Once converted, we are confident everyone will be pleased with the new environment.

Does Google Apps work with Apple computers?
Yes. Google Apps is web based. However, as with Windows based machines, there are many email clients for users to choose from. All of the popular Apple email clients: Eudora, Apple Mail, ThunderBird…, can all be configured to use Gmail as their mail provider. Again, Google provides excellent documentation for configuring your personal email client preference.

I have a BlackBerry (iPhone, Palm, or other smart device), will I continue to be able to receive my e-mail on it?
Yes. For college owned Blackberry devices we will publish directions for configuring to our Blackberry server, or you may leave your device with us for configuration. For personally owned devices, Google provides outstanding on-line directions for configuring your specific device to receive e-mail. Given the many different vendors, versions and operating system of personal devices, ITS cannot configure each individual device.

Will I lose any dates I already have stored in my Exchange calendar?
No. The conversion program will move all existing appointments from Exchange to Google Calendar.

Will I continue to see my colleague’s calendar availability and be able to schedule meetings?
Yes, Google Calendar includes the same functionality (including privacy options) with regard to meeting setup and calendar viewing as Microsoft Exchange. During the period of the campus conversion however, there may be some disconnect between those users on one system and those who are using the other. Calendar users will have to exercise greater diligence when organizing meetings through calendar services.

Will I be able to do everything I can do now in Outlook, in Google Apps?
Most functionality is translated over to Gmail from Outlook; you can save, send, archive, forward, filter, search, etc… with Gmail. There are some differences in organization and menu steps, but for the most part, functionality is consistent across both mail clients.

Can I access my mail from home or the web?
Yes. Google Apps is completely web based and accessible from any location with internet access. Gmail and Calendar will look and operate exactly the same from your desk or home and, increasingly, smart devices.

Will the transition be invisible?
There will be some disruption; Google and Microsoft are not the best of friends. Most disruption will be a result of campus users divided between the two separate services. ITS is working hard to minimize the length of the interim period, thereby reducing the duplicate coverage problems, however the overlap may create some challenges.
Look for more detailed information as each building and office is converted. We will do our best to communicate well in advance of the actual migration of your account, to answer any questions, or adjust to circumstances specific to your schedule. Again, please feel free to contact Chris Vaughan at any time for answers to your personal questions and concerns. To see specific details about questions you may have after conversion, see our conversion FAQ page.