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Why do I get a busy signal when I pick up my phone?

If you get a busy signal when you pick up the phone that means that you have a voicemail message. If you need help accessing your voicemail click here.

Who do I call if I have phone issues?

If you have problems with your phone call the ITS helpdesk at (309) 794-7293

How do I connect my phone in my room?

Network and Telephone Jack Network and Telephone Jack

What if I am locked out of my voicemail?

If you have problems with your phone call Residential Life before 4:30 PM at (309) 794-2686.

What is the default password for my voicemail?

The default password for your voicemail is: 88 (then the last 4 digits of your phone number) example: 887476

How do I dial off campus numbers?

To dial off campus dial:

9 - 1 - area code - phone number (example: 9 - 1 - 309 - 794 - 7476.  

How do I forward my phone to voice mail?

#1(+four digit number) release or hang-up

To remove #1 hang-up