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Internet Connection

How do I connect my computer to the Internet?

Network and Telephone Jack Network and Telephone Jack

What should I do if I cannot connect to the Internet?

  1. Double check that your jack is connected correctly (see picture)
  2. Check that you are connecting with the correct cable. (see picture)
  3. Try to disable your firewall. Most firewalls can be disabled by right clicking on the icon shown in the bottom right side of your screen
  4. Check with your neighbors. If they are having issues, most likely it is not your computer but a network problem.

What should I do if I am having a problem with the Network Registration process?

  1. Were you prompted to re-start your computer? If you were not, you quit too soon. When the process is completed you will be prompted to re-start your computer.
  2. Clear your cache. This can be done by opening up Internet Explorer. Under the tools menu select “Internet Options”. Next click on “delete cookies” then “delete files” (be sure and click onto option to delete all off-line content).
  3. If you are still having issues, contact the helpdesk at x7293 or Student Computing Coordinator at x8092.

Where can wireless connections be accessed on campus?

Look for the "augustana" or "AugieWiFi"  SSID in these locations and more. For the most up to date list of campus buildings with WiFi, click here.

Why isn't wireless provided in all areas of the residence halls?  

Wireless is available throughout many of our residence halls (and we are in the process of adding it to all of them). However, plugging in to your ethernet cable - if your laptop has one - is more reliable.  Wireless connections are more prone to interference from cordless phones, microwaves, and other devices. If a problem occurs it is very difficult to distinguish where the problem is coming from.

What if I am receiving a wireless signal in my room?  

ITS only supports the “augustana”, "AugieWiFi", "AugieWiFi(Secured), and "ACGuestNet"wireless connections. If the signal that you are seeing has any other name, you are most likely picking up a signal from another student who has brought their wireless access point (connection) onto campus. You should not use their connection.

Can I bring my own access point or router?

No, you will need to use the wireless access points that are provided by ITS. To learn how to connect to these access points, click here. For more information, please see the Augustana Wireless Policy.

What should I do if my Mediacom Internet connection quits working?

Find the power strip that everything (router, cable modem, etc) is plugged into and turn it off for 5 - 10 seconds - then turn it back on. If this does not solve your problem call the ITS helpdesk at 794-7293. 

How do I know if I need to reset my router?

If several computers in your house are not working, it is a good idea to try unplugging and plugging the router back in. If that doesn't work and your router was set up according to the manufacturer's instructions, you can try resetting the router. If only one computer is not working, it most likely is a computer issue. Please do not reset a router that has been configured by ITS! Instead call the helpdesk at x7293.

What if restarting or resetting my router does not fix the problem?

If only one computer is not working, it most likely is a computer issue.  If several computers are not works, call the helpdesk at 794-7293 or email