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Educational Technology

The educational technology program at Augustana College serves the academic community. Our goal is to assist the faculty in their teaching mission through the use of current technologies. The educational technology program is staffed by:

Shawn Beattie, x7647, Academic technologies, Moodle, ePortfolios, Google Apps, clickers (classroom response system), surveys, multimedia and video

Helpdesk, x7293

The F.W. Olin Center

The Olin Center contains 11 technology-enhanced classrooms. There is an open access lab and a multimedia lab, open until midnight most nights and 24 hours during Week 10 and Finals week. Audio and video editing equipment is available, as well as scanners and a poster printer. You can reserve an Olin classroom by e-mailing Bonnie Hewitt. You can also checkout a variety of equipment (laptops, digital cameras, DV Minicams, etc.) If you would like to checkout equipment, contact Laura Meyers.

Video programs can be recorded and played back over the campus cable system, on channel 18. ITS can assist in CD and DVD duplication. We also have a repositionable satellite dish so we can download live satellite video feeds. We can also access live web broadcasts and project them to any classroom in Olin.

To assist you in using the available technologies at Augustana explore these links :

  • Moodle is our web-based course management system (CMS).
  • Smart Classrooms This is a list of all of the Technology Enhanced classrooms available on campus
  • Class Lists Obtain your class lists here. You can also print out a page of photos of everyone in your class.

Relevant documents

Moodle 2 - General Help and Professor FAQ

Teacher's manual for Moodle (PDF, 3.6MB)
In-depth guide to Moodle features and activities

Moodle quickstart for Faculty (PDF. 60K)
A quick 1-page help sheet for faculty using Moodle at Augustana

Student's guide for Moodle (PDF, 107K)
A five-page guide for students using Moodle at Augustana


Log into Augustana's Moodle course management system at
Our e-portfolio system is Google Sites, based in Google Apps at