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Important dates and vacation information

The information below shows when the residence halls (Andreen, Erickson, Seminary, Swanson and Westerlin) are officially closed during the academic year. Students may stay in their room assignments during fall and spring breaks as well as Christmas Recess under the following circumstances:

  • If their home is 400 or more miles away or if they are an international student and they stay for the entire break period. This housing is provided free of charge.
  • If they've been asked to remain on campus by a coach, faculty or staff member; these students also stay free of charge.
  • Students may also elect to stay for personal reasons, but in these cases will be billed $25.00/day for this service.
  • Disruptive behavior that occurs during these periods will result in immediate dismissal for the remainder of the break period.

During the Thanksgiving and Easter Recesses, residents can elect to stay for any reason at no additional cost and without securing advance permission. Residents who reside in Transitional Living Area housing can elect to stay during any break or recess at no additional cost. For security reasons, TLA residents are asked to notify their Area Coordinator in advance of their stay.

Easter Recess (April 18-21)

Housing: Students may remain in rooms at no additional charge.
Food service: Limited meals are provided; the schedule will be posted at each cafeteria prior to recess. 

Summer Break (beginning May 23)

Housing: Undergraduate check-out must be completed by noon on Saturday, May 24. Graduating seniors and undergraduates with approval to stay must check out by noon on Monday, May 26.
Food service: The last meal served is brunch on Sunday, May