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The Student Life Programming Board (SLPB) is comprised of 12 diverse committees all working together to provide Augustana's campus with a variety of engaging and entertaining programs and experiences. Each committee is responsible for a different type of programming.

Comedy Club

SLPB's Comedy Club offers an in-your-face, laugh-out-loud experience by bringing in the best comedians from around the country. Every month a new comedian is featured to provide a real comedy club experience for all to enjoy. Past comedians have toured with Comedy Central and VH1, appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing, and are writers for some of today's leading comic celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, and David Letterman. OSA Comedy Club offers a laugh and a smile with each event.

Responsibilities for committee members of the Comedy Club include: researching acts on the college circuit through nationally based talent agencies, planning and executing the event and evaluating each show providing detailed information regarding budget management, media support, and campus venue management. Those interested can contact this year's Comedy Club co-chairs: Carrie Keahl, Destany Metcalf, Bill Cahill

Contemporary Issues Series

Contemporary Issues offers students a valuable opportunity to connect with other members of the Augustana community by providing a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas, opinions, and beliefs on compelling topics. The Contemporary Issues program emphasizes developing a well-rounded student, professionally and socially.

Responsibilities for committee members of Contemporary Issues Series include: researching lecture speakers through nationally based agencies, planning and executing each event, evaluating each lecture providing detailed information regarding budget management, and learning outcomes. Those interested can contact this year's Contemporary Issues co-chairs: Brooke Welser, John Bagnuolo.  


Excursions committee description: Excursions provides opportunities for Augustana students to experience adventures outside of the Augustana bubble by traveling to various destinations such as sporting events, broadway shoes, and much more!

Games, Etc.

Games, Etc. was created to keep up with the huge success of Bingo and Trivia at Augustana. Join us on a Friday nights as we give away $500 in cash prizes.

Responsibilities for Games, Etc. committee members include: event planning, promotion and set-up as well as evaluating each program. For more information contact this year's Games co-chairs: Jessica Capp, Brendan McBride

Late Night

Late Night offers fun programming once a month during the late evening hours. Programs, sponsored by fraternities, sororities, campus organizations, and athletic teams, begin at 10pm with activities ranging from capture the flag to mud volleyball and karaoke. Those interested in Late Night can contact the Late Night co-chairs: Gabby Council, Jon Simmons

Live On Campus

Live On Campus hosts a unique and personal live music experience, featuring diverse music genres, spoken word, and theater performed by Augustana students, and national touring artists. Twice a month students can gather at Brew by the Slough for a nice cup of coffee and quality entertainment. Live On Campus brings in Augustana students interested in performing their talents, from comedy to dance, acoustic guitar to full bands. If you are interested in music, or just looking for a place to relax and hear great talent from on campus or around the country, Live On Campus is the place to be.

Responsibilities for committee members of Live On Campus include: identifying potential student acts, selecting national touring coffeehouse performers, planning, marketing and executing programs. If interested please contact this year's Live On Campus co-chairs: Mark Hoffman, Cody Schmitt, Paige Pierson

Learn, Live, Lead Lunch Series

OSA’s Lunch Series offers students a chance to learn the basics to success in the classroom, workplace, and other social activities. There are three core aspects of the Lunch Series: First-Year Success, Health & Wellness, and World Topics. Throughout the year, students will have a chance to learn how to become a successful First-Year student, how to affordably eat and stay active, and discuss other cultures and ways of life.

Responsibilities for the Live Lead Lunch Series committee include: researching lecture speakers through nationally based agencies, planning and executing each event, evaluating each lecture providing detailed information regarding budget management and learning outcomes. For more information, contact this year’s Lunch Series co-chairs: Brooke Welser, John Bagnuolo


If you love going to the movies and a college budget has you strapped, then SLPB Movies is the answer. SLPB Movies bring in the newest, hottest Hollywood blockbusters before they are released on DVD. Every Wednesday and Friday evening the Olin Auditorium is transformed into a cinematic venue of entertainment for all to enjoy.

Responsibilities for Movie committee members include: researching available films through nationally based film agencies, evaluating each screening, providing detailed information regarding audience size, promotional strategies, and venue management. If interested please contact this year's Movie co-chairs: Monica Hill, Edgar Leon, Megan Meyer


SLPB Spirituality fosters the growth of the whole person by focusing on spiritual development. In conjunction with other committees, SLPB Spirituality provides opportunities for spiritual and vocational reflection. Programs for this committee vary, but past events have included rising stars in Christian pop/rock.

Responsibilities for Spirituality committee members include: researching available artists/speakers through nationally based agencies, planning for and executing programs, evaluating each event, providing detailed information regarding budget management, promotional strategies, and venue management.If interested please contact the Spirituality co-chairs: Ashley Wolfe, Annelisse Tovar

Special Events

SLPB Special Events is a unique multifaceted OSA committee that is responsible for a wide variety of programming. This committee focuses on uniting the Augustana community in an entertaining, educational, and often culturally diverse environment. Recent events have ranged from game shows, to illusionists, to Second City and much more.

If interested please contact this year's Special Events co-chairs: Molly Calhoun, Colin Arnold

Awareness Weeks

OSA Awareness Weeks provide useful information about select topics through a week-long series of activities and events. Awareness Weeks this year include: Alcohol Awareness Week, Hazing Awareness Week, and Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment Awareness Week. Awareness Weeks aim to keep students informed about important college issues, institutional expectations and encourage healthy community behaviors.

Student Activities Marketing

SLPB Student Activities Marketing team works hard to advertise and market SLPB events. The Public Relations team prepares press releases for local media outlets, develops program incentives to encourage campus involvement, and informs students about OSA opportunities.

For more information please contact the Public Relations and Media co-chairs: Chloe McIntire and Lindsay Widdel.

International and Independent Film Series

The International and Independent Film series collaborates with Augustana's faculty to select films that meet the goals of their courses and/or programs. This is a great way to encourage faculty involvement with students as well as improving the ability to reach students in another way beyond their courses.

For more information please contact the International and Independent Film Series co-chairs: Cooper Melgreen, Peter Draznik